Friday, December 16, 2016


Fox News Just Did Something Huge It's NEVER Done Before In Its 20-Year History
Posted by Jack Davis
"... redefine television news ..." Read more…
Help Cure a Child this Christmas
Sponsored by American Leprosy Mis
Leprosy still exists. It cripples and disfigures and separates families. Your $30 gift can send a cure this Christmas to bring a family back together. Read more…

Just Before Inauguration, Donald Trump Ordered To Court In Surprise Turn
Posted by Charles Campbell
"... extremely busy handling matters of very significant public importance ..." Read more…

John Kerry SHOCKS When Asked About Russian Hacking... Not What Most Expected
Posted by Jack Davis
"... these thefts and disclosures were intended to interfere with ..." Read more…
Wow: What Russian Hackers Did To Republicans Just Discovered... Changes Everything
Posted by Randy DeSoto
"... potentially incriminating or embarrassing information ..." Read more…
Watch: Michelle Obama Might Have To Take Back 'We Go High' Quote After Saying THIS
Posted by V. Saxena
"Having a grown-up in the White House ..." Read more…
Breaking: Sheriff Joe Dropped His Biggest Bomb Yet About Obama's Birth Certificate
Posted by Randy DeSoto
"... the biggest question is why?" Read more…

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