Tuesday, December 27, 2016


From: John Porter
To: Americans everywhere;
December 27, 2016
         My cherished friends (Almost 8,000 strong), from time to time over the past almost two years I have shared articles with you written by Kathleen Dynan which have received rave reviews by a great many of you. I am closing the year with another missive of hers she sent to me for you. This is the most accurate, reasonable and concise thinking on the issue I have read, or heard discussed on news shows. I ask all of you to read it and forward to everyone on your email list. Here is Kathleen Dynan in her own words unedited by me.

Pundits’ Peril, Oblivion
       Although they watched, dissected, misunderstood and reported the recent Presidential race so incorrectly, the talking-head pundits have not learned. They still cannot grasp the basic truth, Donald Trump is not a politician and does not fit the only office-holder mold they understand. The print and broadcast media, both cable and network, continue to search for ways to cast doubt upon the President-Elect. They mull aloud with chin-in-hand and make pronouncements about decisions that he has made or will make. A good example is their analysis of his vow to appoint Judges who understand that their role is to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not rewrite it. They declare that he will do so only if it fits the legacy he wants to build.

      After nearly two years of watching and listening to Donald Trump, talking-head pundits are blind to the essence of the man. They have not yet accepted that this election was something America has never experienced and flounder in their attempts to report on the aftermath. Americans did and do understand Donald Trump. He is the 45th President because he saw, as so many Americans did, that the elites were intentionally diminishing the United States and recasting her citizens into politically-correct, government-dependent puppets. He knew that he must stop that downward trend and “make America great again”. He will lead America and work with her citizens to rebuild her and to make the American Dream a possibility for all citizens. That is why this election was owned by and decided by the only people who matter to Donald Trump, the non-elite and non-pundits. Americans will continue to read his tweets and listen to his public statements. They are beginning to understand that they can process information directly from the source and do not need to be told how to think. If the pundits continue with "business as usual," they are in serious peril of oblivion. But, they are as unlikely to see that coming as they were about Donald Trump winning the Presidential election.
Thank you, and Happy New Year from:
John Porter

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