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Voter hack traced to Homeland Security computers

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Remember when Obama laughed at Trump's assertion, "the system is rigged?"
Obama replied...."What does THAT mean?"  "That's just a conspiracy theory!" (Naïve or deception for Fakestream Media?)
Following that idiotic response, Obama ordered Homeland Security (and allowed the U.N.) to monitor the election for voter fraud rigging.
Obama and Hillary went as far as to blame you and me for suggesting to Trump to be ready for a "rigged election" and has now evolved into blaming the "Fake News" narrative by the big three: Breitbart, Drudge Report and Infowars....including Russia. 
Fakestream Media reports that Obama is blaming Russia for interfering with the election (based-on) the suggestion that Russia was feeding hacked emails to Wikileaks and subsequently caused Trump to win?? The state of Georgia traced a problem in their election system through IP addresses linked Homeland Security.
Note: Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former intelligence operative for several administrations says, "the email hacks actually came from inside the NSA and fed to Wikileaks(sic)." Would that be because the insiders at the NSA saw where this country was heading fast, or did the NSA feed the emails to Wikileaks for the purpose of blaming Russia later? We now know that Obama's Jeh Johnson's (DHS) was involved with hacking Georgia's voter machines....and maybe other states will come forward soon. Too bad for them all, the landslide voting for Trump...trumped their skewing of the numbers, therefore...."let's blame Russia?" What's next for these goons?
Of course, only the socialist / communist left believe the nonsense of "Russian interference" because they are desperate as the many thousands of illegal aliens from Central America and Mexico are also desperate....gathering at transition camps along the southwest border, preparing to cross...because: "we are scared of a Trump presidency and have to get inside America before January," according to an aid worker supervisor at the Tijuana Mexico camp. (PBS Special Report 12/10/16). Therefore....the invasion by the silent weapon for the communist left agenda is proceeding at full scale speed.....if anything, to help create animosity against a Trump administration while Hillary (AGAIN) plans to run in 2020. The Hillary machine is not fooling around and need to expand their voting base for 2020....if not for her, but for a Joe Biden or Kerry win.
If the Obama and Hillary projectors of "Fake News" can get away with hijacking the presidency for Hillary Clinton, this country will turn upside down.
Fakestream Media are in a frenzy over a statement by Trump this week, reference "the Russians rigged the election for Trump and confirmed by (unknown) CIA source.
Trump's response....he basically doesn't trust the CIA since "they got it wrong about Sadaam Hussain's weapons of mass destruction," was an open invitation by certain types to flame-out over Trump's statement as "extremely disturbing to say that about the CIA."
President Elect Trump has a lot more to worry about when it comes to intel provided by the CIA....the communist intelligence agency that provides the strategies for going to war and assassinations. Certain congressmen asked the CIA to provide "fake intelligence to Trump" during the interim to his presidency.  Note: The CIA created the label "Conspiracy Theory" and now "Fake News" as the replacement....all part of "Operation Mockingbird" propaganda guidelines prior to the banning of propaganda in the United States and re-established by Obama's signature in 2013.
Trump is no dummy and not a former "community organizer" with a socialist plan for America, based-on a Marxist ideology...but is a successful billionaire that loves America and knows how to pick the right people for his cabinet as (IMO) the anti-assassination insurance plan.
The miserable left are pulling for straws and hoping to derail the presidency over Russia and at the same time, covertly brainwashing the public with subtle comments that suggests, Trump is working for well as the "alt-right" a.k.a. Alternative Media. Wam give an interview on Russia Today (RT America) you automatically become a "Russian agent," according to Fakestream Media. InfoWars (Alex Jones) now falls into that category....because of interviews on RT America (based in Moscow and Washington D.C.
My personal opinion about RT America...a very useful tool for helping Americans read between the lines that Fakestream Media spews-out to us. You cannot understand or decide what is fake news or not...if you don't see all sides of a story. A good example is the shooting down of MH17 over Ukraine, blamed on Russia by Fakestream Media, and disputed by RT America with detailed pictures and reports, showing that Ukrainian (U.S. backed) rebels, with Russian missiles, shot the airliner down. Russia Today (RT) is an anti-globalist / state run news agency
The New World Order's plans were to engage the entire world in a world war with Russia, but has failed. Their logic is very sound though....because you cannot build a new house unless you tear down the old house, while gaining support of the public via propaganda a.k.a. "fake news." Therefore....blaming Russia for helping Trump win is just one more piece of propaganda.
Regime change across the world is partially successful in alliance has been formed to successfully wage WWIII, while both sides are funded by the same NWO world banking in every war in our history. The chess players (had) their pieces on the board, but WE THE PEOPLE have turned their chess game upside down. A VERY DANGEROUS MOVE.....either way you look at it !
"If voter fraud wasn’t enough of a concern already, Georgia’s secretary of state said Thursday that an attempted hack of the state’s voter registration database originated from an IP address linked to the Department of Homeland Security:"

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  1. Too bad, physically we cannot throw eggs at him after what he has done to this country...we have so many problems, from Muslims that are pedos to every darn country in the world entertaining them and aiding people like this queer to a military that couldn't fight itself out of a dog fight if it had to.