Saturday, December 24, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

Our Spirit and Planet is about to be overhauled.....

Friends and Associates:

This Christmas Eve tonight MUST be considered a VERY SPECIAL Christmas we might never forget. The earth is experiencing changes (under the guise of Climate Change) while governments are planning for something BIG after Christmas as seen in the video below.

Cosmic Ray Bursts events and the sound of TRUMPETS over Israel and Egypt, to the newly found pyramid in Antarctica, which prompted a visit by John Kerry and astronaut Buzz Aldrin, (an avid UFO researcher) tweeting from Antarctica a message about "evil" discovered, but was removed shortly thereafter, plus his removal for a medical situation. The tweet was captured for your viewing....

Edgar Casey prophesy (in the video) details the current events that are here now and expanding into what might very well become (either) complete devastation of the planet or the great enlightenment for mankind, but whatever it's almost here. 

The approaching planet Nibiru Nemesis seen in our western night sky, just after growing larger as it approaches and astronomers confirm, "It is NOT Venus."

Will Nibiru take-up an orbit around earth and maybe offer humans an escape planet because of the devastation that is beginning?

Nobody has the answer....but whatever happens, this Christmas is very special and our planet is about to experience a new re-birth.

These are definitely exciting times and enlightenment is growing fast around the world as each and everyone of us become closer to a higher spiritual identity. 

Contributor: Dr. Tom Lawson

God Bless us all.....Merry Christmas

Capt. Dave

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