Sunday, December 18, 2016


Nothing annoys Judge Jeanine Pirro more than unjustified attacks and hypocritical statement so she let rip on Michelle Obama. After eight years of President Barack Obama’s failed policies at home and abroad... [Read more]

President-elect Donald Trump strongly criticized China Saturday for unlawfully seizing, stealing, a U.S. naval research drone which had been operating legally in international waters ... [Read more]

Tucker Carlson faced off against 1970s TV star Mike Farrell about his role in a paid television ad that advises members of the electoral college... [Read more]

“For the price of a pumpkin spiced latte a week, you can help a snowflake from being triggered on a college campus near you”…... [Read more]

Democrats just can’t accept that they lost. The voters voted the democrats OUT. But Michelle Obama says Americans are hopeless and hapless now that Donald Trump will be president... [Read more]

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