Saturday, December 17, 2016

eHEADLINES 12/17/2016 TRUMP MOCKS MEDIA (rightfully)

Democrats just can’t accept that they lost. The voters voted the democrats OUT. But Michelle Obama says Americans are hopeless and hapless now that Donald Trump will be president.... [Read more]

Christine Pelosi, daughter of Nancy, appeared Friday morning interview on Fox Business with host Maria Bartiromo but it quickly descended into an all-out screaming match.... [Read more]

Now they’re getting nervous on television, and you see these anchors they’re like sweating and crying and throwing up all over the place,”... [Read more]

President Barack Obama told reporters today he will send a “clear message” to Russia for hacking into DNC computers.... [Read more]

Kimmel says, On our staff we have four guys who watch TV and scour the internet all day and night searching for the funniest and strangest moments they can find.... [Read more]

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