Thursday, December 29, 2016


George Soros in Panic Mode, Calls Trump ‘Con Artist’ and “Dictator”
California Moving to Give More Rights to Illegal Aliens Than to American Citizens
Israel Defies Obama and the United Nations
Should Americans Support Leaving UN?
Planned Parenthood Paid More for Fewer Facilities
Delusional Democrat Leader says Democrats Lost because they were “Too Nice”
Is Israel Democratic?
Liberal Pundit says Obama Will be Remembered as “One of the Worst Foreign Policy Presidents Ever”!

Why Are So Many Americans Leaving US at Retirement?
Trump should Bulldoze the United Nations and Turn the Land into Condos
Obama Jokes: Most “Transparent” Administration Ever?
Sore Losers: Half of Hillary Voters Blame Russia
Obama Blames the Media for Trump’s Blue-Collar Landslide
Egyptian Media Proves that Obama, Kerry Collaborated with Palestinians AGAINST Israel
Woman Refused Service for Wearing a “Police Lives Matter” Shirt
Obama – the Man with Negative Coattails
Watch Out: Barack has your Back
Dodging the Bullet
News You Can Use for December 29, 2016
American Universities Teaching Hate, It’s Not Just for Terrorists Anymore
Should Business Owners Be Held Responsible for Consequences of Their Gun-Free Zones?
Putin Continues to Hammer Democrats, Says they’ve “Forgotten the Original Meaning” of their Own Name!
Pennsylvania Court Rules that Man Can Marry His Son
Why Didn’t Hawaii Officials Verify Obama’s Birth Certificate Presented by White House?
More than Half of Terrorists Prosecuted in the USA NOT Born Here

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