Monday, December 26, 2016


Dangerous Hatemongering: Are Democrats Working to Get President Trump Assassinated?
Democrat Leader says Congress Fails because We Can’t Waste Money on Corrupt Earmarks Anymore
The Christmas Story and Donald Trump against Herod
Dear Sore Loser, Pro-Hillary Thugs: You are the Problem!
I’m Angry! I’m White! I’m Male…So What?
Abolishing the Electoral College is all about Liberal Racism
Venezuelan Socialism Leads to Demographic Winter [VIDEO]
Journalist Bashes MSNBC: No Evidence Yet Showing Russia Behind the Leaks

Congress Refers more than a Dozen Abortionists and Baby Parts Traffickers for Prosecution!
Democrats Push Legislation to End Relevance of Electoral College
Crime? French Mayor Goes on Trial for Saying 91%-Muslim School Is A ‘Problem’ For His City
The Obama Administration’s Dishonest Defense of their Horrible Israel/U.N. Vote
At Liberal Colleges, American History No Longer Required for History Majors
Watch: The Media’s 10 Most Embarrassing Moments of 2016
Obama Stabs Israel in the Back
News You Can Use for December 26, 2016
Why Has America Remained Silent Over Most Persecuted Religion in World – Christianity?
S.C. Bill Would Allow Teachers to Pray With Their Students
Christmas is not About a Homeless Couple, Refugees, or Immigrants
A Christmas Snuff Story
The Inspiring True Story Behind A Beloved Christmas Carol
A Short List of Things You NEED to Know about Christmas
ISIS Calls For Attacks On Churches At Christmas
Christmas is a Mystery
Remembering Ronald Reagan this Christmas

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