Sunday, December 25, 2016


Why Has America Remained Silent Over Most Persecuted Religion in World – Christianity?
S.C. Bill Would Allow Teachers to Pray With Their Students
Christmas is not About a Homeless Couple, Refugees, or Immigrants
A Christmas Snuff Story
The Inspiring True Story Behind A Beloved Christmas Carol
A Short List of Things You NEED to Know about Christmas
ISIS Calls For Attacks On Churches At Christmas
Christmas is a Mystery

Remembering Ronald Reagan this Christmas

Putin Calls Democrats “Sore Losers” says they Only have Themselves to Blame
Whoa. Senate Homeland Security Chair says CIA Refused to Brief the Committee about Russia
It’s a Miracle: Police Thwart Christmas Day Terror Plot!
UN Ready to Pass Anti-Israel Vote with Help of President Obama?
College Professors asks Obama to FORCE Trump to Get a Psych Evaluation
The Best Christmas Present of 2016 – Obama’s Almost Gone!
News You Can Use for December 25, 2016
Good News: The Victimhood Coalition May Devour Itself Before the Rest of Us
WATCH: Muslim Parents send 7 and 9 year old Daughters on Suicide Bombing Mission
“Really British” Store Faces Leftist Hate, Called Racist [MUST SEE]
Gun-Owning Leftists Are a Good Thing; Here’s Why
Remembering the Christmas Truce of WWI
Obama Undermining Future Relationship With Israel
Peace Talks For Syria Without American Involvement
Away With the Manger?
One Liberal Explains why She is Tired of Her “Tribe”

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