Friday, December 23, 2016


With Anti-Trump Hysteria, Creepy Liberals Are Proving How Disgusting They Really Are
Muslim Immigrant Registry Abolished Despite Terrorist Attacks [VIDEO]
Ivanka Trump Stalked and Harassed with Her Children [VIDEO]
Liberal Atheists Wage War on Christmas for being “too Christian”
Liberal Town Increases Police Presence After Berlin Attack For Fear of Islamophobia
Conservative Trump Critics Can’t Handle Winning
Researchers Declare Pregnancy Reduces Grey Matter in a Woman’s Brain
Why do Liberals like Sally Kohn Believe the Government could ever Produce ‘Clean Energy’?

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Public Schools Teaching Kids That Terrorism Is Christianity’s Fault!
Why are Teachers Turning to Sex as Teaching Tool?
Comedian Adam Carolla Destroys Liberal Millennial Crybabies!
Obama is Trying One More Time to Force the UN Gun Treaty on Americans
After Featuring Obama in ’09 and ’13, D.C. Inaugural Metro Cards Won’t Celebrate Trump
Yikes! Germany Finding it Almost “Impossible” to Monitor 7,000 Terrorism Suspects
No, the Cancelled Security Program wasn’t a “Muslim Tracking” System
Another “Hate Crime” Proven to be a Liberal Fraud
Could We Be on the Cusp of a Rebirth of an Honest Media?
Congressional Conservatives Push Obama for Proof of Russia’s “Interference” in our Election
The Real Bitter Clingers
Obama and His BFF’s
News You Can Use for December 23, 2016
Liberal Thugs Plan Major Protest and “Violent” Disruption for Inauguration!
The Democrat Party in Denial: Placing Blame Everywhere but Where it Belongs
Car Bomb Attack On Christian Organization In Australia
California School District Under Fire for Allowing Faculty to Conceal Carry

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