Wednesday, December 21, 2016


It’s Christmas, So It Must Be Time for More Muslim Terror Attacks
Latest Internet Query: Did President Obama Order the Hit on Russia’s Ambassador?
Terrorist Victims Sue Social Media for THIS Fake News
Motivation Still Unclear in Swiss Mosque Shooting
In Latest Weekly Address Obama Proves He Doesn’t Understand Economics
Study Show Public Schools’ Sex Ed Programs Failing
Obama Issues More Regulations to Destroy Coal Industry Before Leaving Office
Russian Ambassador Murdered By Turkish Police Officer

Are Doctors and Hospitals Responsible for Run-Away Medical Costs?
Gun Sales Quadruple in Austria as Muslim Refugee Crisis Worsens
Liberal Pundit tells America to Never Address Trump as “President”… “He is Just Trump”
The Ultimate Guide to the Russian Hacks and Donald Trump
The Left is Going NUTS Over Trump’s Pick for Ambassador to Israel
Liberal Blog Claims Trump Pressured Foreign Government to Use His Hotel
There is Something Missing from the Russian Hack Argument
Watch the Very Best Christmas Pageant… Ever.
The Kind of “Fake News” Liberals Love
News You Can Use for December 21, 2016
Muslim Army Chaplain says it’s OK to Beat Your Wives
Man Who Killed the Democrat Party will Lead Effort to Rehabilitate It
Muslim Terrorist Kills 12 in Truck Attack In Berlin
Murder in the name of Islam has EVERYTHING to do with Islam
Guess who says that Donald Trump “Has No Right to Enter” the White House?
IMF Head Convicted of Giving Money to Wealthy [VIDEO]
This Proves General Mattis Is EXACTLY What Our Military And Country Needs

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