Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Muslim Army Chaplain says it’s OK to Beat Your Wives
Man Who Killed the Democrat Party will Lead Effort to Rehabilitate It
Muslim Terrorist Kills 12 in Truck Attack In Berlin
Guess who says that Donald Trump “Has No Right to Enter” the White House?
IMF Head Convicted of Giving Money to Wealthy [VIDEO]
This Proves General Mattis Is EXACTLY What Our Military And Country Needs
More Boy Sex Slavery in our Government in Afghanistan [VIDEO]
Is Peace Possible in Palestine?

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2018: A Likely Conservative Landslide, an Interview with the Conservative Review’s Rob Eno
Obama Admits His Views of Political Correctness Differ from Trump’s
How John Kasich was Almost (Not Really) our Next President
Obama’s Pajama Boys are Gone, the Alpha Males are Back
Retired Marine Sends Beautiful Deathbed Message to President Trump and all of America: “Farewell Dear Friends, God Bless You All”
Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated by Muslim Terrorist on Live TV
What a Waste! VA Pays Executive $85K to Quit… then Rehires Him!
Putin wasn’t Cheering for Trump: the Clinton Foundation was Very, Very Good to Putin
Can Democrats Win Back the Deplorables?
Democrats have been Going Crazy since FDR
The Mainstream Media has become Reality TV
News You Can Use for December 20, 2016
Is ‘National Geographic’ Promoting Child Endangerment and Sex Abuse?
‘X-Mas’ Does Not Take ‘Christ’ Out of Christmas
Today We See How Many Un-American Electoral College ‘Faithless Electors’ Vote Against Donald Trump
Could the End of Corrupt Democrat Machine Politics Be Upon Us?

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