Monday, December 19, 2016


Today We See How Many Un-American Electoral College ‘Faithless Electors’ Vote Against Donald Trump
Could the End of Corrupt Democrat Machine Politics Be Upon Us?
Forged Obama Birth Certificate Heading to Congress – Could Affect Future Elections
Donna Brazile Demands Protection of Her Cheating
Muslim Terrorists Kill 9 at Popular Tourist Attraction
Study Reveals Clinton Blue States Have Common Factor – Failure
New York City Public Schools Sued for Ineptness After Harassing Homeschool Mom
“Give ‘em Hell, Ollie!” Col. Oliver North Slams Obama Claim that USA is “Stronger and More Respected” Today!

Department of Justice and WikiLeaks both Confirm NO Russian “Technical” Interference in Election
The Russians Aren’t Undermining American Elections, Liberals Are
President Obama holds his Final Press Conference as President
Michelle Obama says Now that Obama’s Almost Gone Americans are Hopeless
Here’s the BIG List of Political Leaders who think Obama’s Birth Certificate is Fake
AG Lynch: We Don’t Know the Hackers Motivation, and Podesta Doesn’t Know what He’s Talking About
If Americans Learned the Truth from Hacking, that’s “Terrific”
Investigation Uncovers EPA Allowed Pollution to Fester at 302 Highly Contaminated Sites for Years!
Global Warming Alarmists Pretend to be Scientists to Protest Trump
Winning the War on Christmas
“What Difference Does it Make?”
News You Can Use for December 19, 2016
Liberal Policy Leads to Plea Deal Allow Vicious Felon to Shoot Cop in Back of Head
Sick Burn: Obama’s Legacy is Aleppo, Not the Iran Deal
Is the Obama Administration Setting America Up for More Terrorist Attacks?
Are All Illegal Immigrants Criminals?
L.A. County Votes to Use Tax Payers Money to Defend Illegals

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