Monday, December 12, 2016


Liberal Media Invented ‘Fake News’ LONG Before Conservative Media Was Born
Likely Next Prime Minister of the Netherlands Convicted of “Hate Speech” – the Reason Why is Shocking!
Liberal Lawyer who accused British soldiers of ‘War Crimes’ to be disbarred
“Obama Era of Weakening Our National Defenses is Over” VP-elect Mike Pence
Maria Bartiromo Says Elites Are Clueless [VIDEO]
Russian Government Fights Corruption of Their Children Through Video Games
Russian Hackers Influenced the Election… How? [VIDEO]
Police Called on Cop Attending College Class After Student Freaks Out
Is Merkel Taking A U-Turn to Get Re-Elected?
A Millennial Thanks the Greatest Generation
Surveillance Bill Rammed through House Allows Government to Spy on Americans
Liberal Worries that Trump will Turn the USA into a “Racist Police State”!
Muslim Law Professor Explains that Islamic Jihad “Has Accompanied Arab Societies Throughout Islamic History”!
Will Donald Trump Purge the EPA of Climate Change Alarmists?
College Professor Bans the Use of the term “Illegal Immigrant” on Final Exam!
Germany Fights Back Against Growing Anti-Semitism!
Wanna make America Great Again? Then End the Fed!
Godspeed, John Glenn
For Christmas Let’s Ask Donald Trump to End the EPA’s Tyranny
Today, December 12, 1870: First Black Sworn in as US Representative
News You Can Use for December 12, 2016
Sheriff David Clarke says “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was Real “Fake News” and Cop Killers should get the Death Penalty!
Navy Admiral Slams Unpatriotic Colin Kaepernick in Pearl Harbor Memorial Speech!
Ohio Abortionists Could Face Up to One Year in Prison For Stopping Baby’s Heart
Bipartisan Congress Robs Peter to Pay Paul for Finding Cures for Killer Diseases

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