Sunday, November 13, 2016


Hamas-CAIR Leader Calls For Overthrow Of U.S. Government

Muslim Crowds Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ And Declare To Italians- ‘Build Us Mosques Or We Will Take Over The Vatican!’

Law After Mom who Berated, Cursed, and Mocked Young Child for “Voting” for Trump
ACLU Seeks Damages Against Kim Davis
Here’s What A Trump Win Could Mean For Troop Pay Raises
Affidavit: FBI Engaged In Criminally Operating 23 Child Porn Sites So They Could Arrest Those Using Them
Lame Duck Obama Suspends Efforts to Push Through Trans-Pacific Partnership
Islamic Sex Slavery: Muslim Gangs Now Kidnapping Thousands of Girls and Women in Europe
Suicide Prevention Hotlines Gets Record Number of Calls Following Trump Win
Nine Floridians Busted After Trying To Bilk The VA Out Of $800,000
#BlackLivesMatter Sued by Father of Slain Dallas Officer
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto Ready to Negotiate Wall with Trump Now!
It Looks Like George Soros is Funding the Trump Protests Just Like He Funded the Ferguson Riots
When Our Neighborhoods Have Gone Global
“You’re Not Alone – We’re With You” – Video Aims To Help You Adjust To New Trump Reality
New Orleans Protesters Write ‘Die Whites Die’ On Monuments
Muslim “Refugee” Charged with 20 Murders in Austria
Huma “Breaks Down In Tears” After Receiving Text: Feels Like She Cost Her the Election

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