Sunday, October 16, 2016


Submitted by : Royce Latham
By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall
October 16, 2016
Did Donald Trump’s disgusting comments about his ability to take sexual advantage of women seeking stardom because he was a superstar bother me?

Yes... but it bothered me to learn that Paul Ryan’s love life is dominated by liberal women who tell him what liberal causes he must support. It bothered me to learn that Ryan’s judgment about love and women led him to one long-term girlfriend who confessed to crimes of fraud and spent jail time for them. It was a loooong time ago... just like Trump's comments.

If you’re going to judge Donald Trump by his apparent values, you must use the same standards for others because a double standard makes you a hypocrite. As I recall my New Testament, the only thing that made Jesus Christ angry was the hypocrites at the Temple making money off of those who came to worship, selling them doves they promised would bring them closer to God.

Trump’s vulgarity didn’t bother me more than four dead Americans in Benghazi – especially after Ambassador Chris Stevens sent 600 requests to Hillary Clinton for help and she chose to ignore him.
Murder is one of the Ten Commandments; vulgar language is not. 

It didn’t bother me any more than Hillary being forced to return $200,000 of stolen goods to the White House when the Clintons left office in 2000. White House furnishings belong to you and me.
Stealing is one of the Ten Commandments; vulgar language is not. Murder and stealing represent actions actually taken. Vulgar talk does not.

Trump’s unlawfully video taped conversation didn’t bother me any more than memories of the murder (or was it suicide?) of Vince Foster, Castle Grande(Whitewater), the trail of dead bodies that follow the Clintons wherever they go, and Hillary’s lies about her investing skills – which are different than these other known lies. I’ve read “Thou shall not lie” somewhere... let me see.

People consider Trump’s vulgarity worse than Hillary’s actual behavior? It is said that we get the government we deserve. I want Hillary supporters – including Bill Kristol, Mike Lee, John McCain, Paul Ryan, and all of the other RINOs – to remember that as our country is flushed down the toilet. Your hand was on the “flush” button.

Trump’s disgusting conversation, taped with an Access Hollywood interviewer named Billy Bush who is the nephew of George H.W. Bush (cousin of Jeb), suggest this conversation was manipulated by Billy Bush, then saved to bring public when Trump decided to run for the Presidency. After all, he spoke of running often. We know NBC had the recording for six months and waited until 48 hours before the Sunday night debate to publish it.

The Trump corporation’s female staffing proves The Donald has more women executives than men and that these women are very well paid – and logic tells me if he has issues with women they do not involve his business – or political -- judgment.

The new stories about Trump include him forcing his attentions on a woman in the first class cabin of an airplane – Cinderella is more believable! I flew first class for many years and know the arm rests, unlike those in coach, cannot be raised or removed. For him to have done what she says is impossible... and flight attendants hover over first class passengers and bad behavior is not tolerated by other first class passengers. Her statement that she didn’t mind his attentions as long as they "stayed above the waist" tells you the moral vacuum inside that head (and the other actions of which she accuses him that occurred below the waist were impossible because of the seat divider).This woman’s only flight is one of fancy – and it’s quite apparent. It makes Hillary look desperate! Desperation keeps your eyes diverted from her 30 years of failure in public life!

First they produce hard evidence that Trump thinks it’s cool to use his position of power to seduce women; then they produce liars to say he did it – and it’s a very believable scenario. Except the stories are incredibly naïve. And Donald Trump is anything but naïve.

The taping of this conversation also bothers me because the interview violates California law.
In Colorado or Wisconsin and many other states, it is lawful to record a conversation if ONE PARTY that is part of the conversation is aware of the recording. California, however, is a TWO PARTY state in which both parties taking part in a conversation must be aware something is being recorded. Otherwise, the recording is illegal.

Of course we all expect DOJ’s Loretta Lynch and the FBI’s Jim Comey to jump right on the commission of this crime to make sure it is properly investigated and prosecuted. (Smile)
Bill Clinton has for many years been treated like a son of former President G.H.W. Bush. Here is a photo from 1983 -- 33 years ago -- of the two men talking with Governor George Wallace.
We all remember George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton joining forces to collect money for the people of Haiti when they were hit by a violent earthquake in 2010. Most of us also remember how little of the money was actually used for the benefit of that earthquake's victims. People still ask: what happened to all of that money! 
As I said, George H.W. and Bill are very close... and both hate Donald Trump with a passion. After all, it was Trump who made Jeb Bush look like a piece of over-cooked spaghetti during the Republican primary debates. Too, George H.W. Bush says he’s voting for Hillary.

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