Monday, October 3, 2016


Former CIA Officer: “Most Terrorists are False Flag terrorists, or are Created by our own Security Services”

Today's Articles

Is the US Ready to Arm America’s Islamic Enemies with Anti-Air Missiles?
Hillary Clinton: All Her Disastrous Leaked Audio Recordings (Actual Audio)
Industry Insider Warns: America Is A Tinderbox And Multiple Matches Could Set It On Fire: “We’ve Obviously Got A Major Financial Crisis Brewing”
Former Clinton Advisor: False Flags and Fake News Stories are Real
The Manipulated Destruction of American Freedom and Sovereignty
Libertarian Gary Johnson's STUNNINGLY STUPID Response To Obama's Assassinations Of American Citizens
Diseases Once Eradicated Are Making a Comeback
Incredible: Solar Storm Heading Towards Earth Threatens Disruption of Satellite Technology, Electricity [video]
The Real Evil in Charlotte
The American Government Has Talks With ISIS Officials, And Then Slaughters Sixty-Two Syrian Soldiers To Support ISIS
An Iraqi Christian’s Plea to American Voters
Watch These Congressmen RIP FBI Director Comey for Mishandling Clinton Investigation [VIDEO]
19 Attorneys General Stand with Virginia School Against Transgender Bathrooms
Study On Gender Neutrality Results in Navy Removing All Historic Job Titles
Obama Does Not Have Constitutional Authority to Turn Over Control of Internet to UN - Tell Congress To Act!
Catholic Group Exposes Hillary Clinton VP's Radical Roots
Trey Gowdy to FBI Director: This is “Not the FBI I Used to Work For”!

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