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From: Savage...ABC/WaPo effectively admit to poll tampering about Hillary's 'lead'
From: Rob E...
WOW! Just After FBI’s Hillary Announcement, Searches For “CHANGE EARLY VOTE” SKYROCKET... On Friday afternoon, the FBI alerted Congress that they were re-opening their investigation into Hillary's emails. As soon as that hit the news, the Google searches for a certain phrase went through the roof. The phrase was: "Change Early Vote"!! Here's the chart for the three days before, then...
From: Sher Zieve From: Dave Hollenbeck  From: Charlite...If polls were to be taken on the 'popularity' of H & BJ Clinton, I'll bet that 80% of the people would say that they (we) are sick and tired of these old grifters and just want them to Go The HELL AWAY - get out of our faces forever...........!!
From: sherzieve...and when was the last time we heard anything like this in a presidential race?  Ever?...From: "doug walk" he already knew  that barely anybody would show up, just like barely anybody had shown up for an event he held in West Palm Beach at the start of the week. In fact, only an estimated 30 people attended that event, and a large number of those folks were reporters and Democrat operatives.(All my life, I've never seen a campaign as lame as this, how can they possibly win anything)
Kaine Forced To Cancel Key Event Due To Lack Of Attendance - Conservative News
BJ3: Hmmmm, now where have all our readers heard that number well before this (nationally)?...From: D Johnson
Monster Vote Rears Its Head in Florida – GOP With 11% Lead
From Bill Still on Youtube: SR 1304 – Monster Vote Rears Its Head in Florida – GOP With 11% Lead!
It looks like Americans have made their choice in Florida. Don't believe the MSM. This is being tracked several time a day by the Florida State Elections Board. Paste in your browser:   

From: Lee S Gliddon Jr   From:  Peri McMillan
Election officials caught throwing away Trump ballots...

Petition to Stop George Soros Voting Machines Hits 100k   Will America finally stand up to global elite rigging our elections?

From: Sher Zieve...Excellent...From: Dave Hollenbeck
Reagan’s Attorney General Edwin Meese is leading an army of 240 prominent Reagan alumni to join the Trump revolution
From: Sher Zieve...Just gets worse and worse...From: Dave Hollenbeck

From: sherzieve  
From: charlite   From: Jim O'Neill
Huma Has "Lawyered Up." No Longer On Campaign Plane
Happy Hello-Weiner!  P.S. New NYT's poll has Trump up by four in Florida!  Which means that in reality he is probably up by eight or more points.  :)
From: "arbalist"...Huma Has "Lawyered Up." No Longer On Campaign Plane
Breaking: Hillary throws Huma Abedin off her plane!   Red State Watcher ^ | October 29, 2016 Huma Abedin has VOIDED her immunity deal with the FBI. This means she has to sing or face jail time.Hillary Clinton no longer wants her around. According to reporters on Hillary's campaign, Abedin is no longer sitting near the front cabin on her plane to Florida. She's no where to be found this morning. So sad.(Excerpt) 

Resignation letters piling up at FBI
From: UR...There's more hope that the EVIL Witch and her sidekick and kid will get jail time.
The WHOLE of he FBI are REVOLTING against Comey
Report: Clinton aides' laptops not destroyed
“However the laptops, contrary to published reports, were not destroyed, and the reason is the agents who are tasked with destroying them refused to do so. And by the way, the laptops are at the FBI for inspection by Congress or federal courts.”

If votes cast by ELECTORS are challenged ... then congress needs to meet to make a determination whether the potential POTUS meets the peoples mandate.  It is time to begin beating on the state ELECTORS NOW before the final vote in congress by the electors occurs. (no link)
From: blueislandbobsue  
From: "John Rolls"
Hillary Furious with FBI- 'Unprecedented' Action
From: Sher Zieve...What happens when a country goes 3rd world...From: Dave Hollenbeck
PATHETIC! AG Lynch Told Comey To HIDE Hillary Investigation From Americans!

From: Rob E...Abel Danger: *EXPLOSIVE* Q & A on the Clinton Foundation - FBI Insider on 4chan /pol/ : "Ask Me Anything About the Clinton Case...*EXPLOSIVE* Q & A on the Clinton Foundation - FBI Insider on 4chan /pol/ : "Ask Me Anything About the Clinton Case" - George Soros Is the Kingpin - Follow the...AMA about the Clinton case ID: bTgVpkEd  USA  Sat. 07/02/16  06:01:50  No. 79480400 > I am a person with intimate knowledge of the i...
Feminist Camille Paglia Slams Clinton
From: Rob E... Give us free s--t or we’ll kill more of your cops The U.S. paid Mexico for the land they rightly won in war Typical traitorous Whites of the Left Flying Mexico’s flag and Che to prove h…
From: Frank P...Obama Saying “I’d Better Get Started” in Response to Martial Law and FEMA Camps – All Armed Americans to Be Detained in FEMA Camps – Guillotines, Martial Law, Fema Camps, NWO, RFID Chips  

These Sleeping Dogs Won't Shift from Our Beds!  My dog has his own big and comfortable bed, but he hardly ever uses it. No, he'd rather use mine instead. And while I do try to enforce discipline, I still find him snoozing on my bed. As a result, I find it pretty difficult to shoo him off, and I think that many dog owners can relate to my dilemma too. Just take a look at these adorable dogs in the pictures below. They look so comfy - how could you say 'Down' to these adorable little fellas? 18 Very Sleepy and Comfortable Dogs...

BJ3: Have no idea if this is valid or not, though couldn’t let it slide...
Fugitives From Justice- The Clinton’s Are Preparing to Flee to Qatar with $1.8 Billion (video)

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