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No English for You! Schools to Teach Kids in Spanish Only!

All-out effort to destroy Trump PROVES he's not part of the establishment... NOT an insider... '   There's no longer any question whatsoever about whether Trump is an insider or outsider. The all-out attack on Trump by the leftist media, democrats and the republican establishment now confirm that the political elite are terrified of Donald Trump and will do anything to stop him...

From: charlite...
Trump RIGHT NOW delivering a stupendous speech in Colorado Springs, CO. One of his best ever, and a great taste of how tomorrow night's debate will go.
BJ3: Hey, Barry, what about your whining here against Hillary? From: Kathy Hawkins...he's sure changed his tune, lol!!!! SHORT & GOOD! Kat..."Auch! Barack Obama Destroys Hillary Clinton On Stage"
BJ3: And then she destroys herself...From: Dave Hollenbeck   From: Gary Adams
Video - Hillary Unhinged...
This is  an 8” video that every American voter, especially women, both parties, who have a problem with Trump’s language - comments made between two males in a bus and not in public as the Witchy One does in this interview after her interview with Matt Lauer.     For those with sensitive ears be forewarned the language, both oral and in text form, is not easy on the ears.  It’s down and dirty, but it’s language that seems to have become commonplace in today’s world.  If you watch modern movies I’m sure you’ve heard the word.  But this video is mainly about the foul mouthed female who so passionately wants to be elected to the highest office and how her conduct is described.  And…if she succeeds you don’t want to be on her Poop List as is Matt Lauer for one.     Her desire for the ultimate power of the highest office in the land, in the world actually, is what it is all about.  You can bet your sweet bippy that she, the current president, a lot of politicians (both parties), not to mention various institutions and corporate executives fear Donald Trump winning the election.  Give it some thought and I’m certain you can figure out why.  Facing prosecution and jail times isn’t a pleasant thought.  That might even include the current director of the FBI and the lady Attorney General.  I so hope…  I who cannot vote and thousands of dunderheads (and dead people?) can.  
BJ3: Our poll still has Trump at +11...From: Rob E...WHO’S LYING? Media reports have Hillary leading in polls, but a poll of 50,000 people in 50 states shows Trump 67%, Hillary 19% -2013 BARE NAKED ISLAM 
BJ3: We all should not forget that. How is the EC influenced again?...From: sherzieve...Popular vote won't nail it...Trump MUST get the electoral votes...
From: charlite...For what it's worth, I think that Trump's internal polling show him at least 4 to 5 pts. ahead of this talking gargoyle. Her 'big lead' is a mirage that is being advertised to the electorate by the MSM with the objective of suppressing the Trump vote. Why vote, if she's already the winner? Right? This is a massive psy-ops scam perpetrated upon the American people.Hillary Clinton the Ghost Candidate?- Something NOT ADDING UP!! <<<<<<<<<<

From: blueislandbobsue  
From: freedomcalls...The world has gone totally NUTS...Today's corruption report:
This shows who the Dems paid off, and how the FBI-Hillary decision was rigged.This is further proof that we need to clean house!!   BIAS ALERT: Journalists Donate $382,000 to Hillary Clinton Campaign

BJ3: Absolutely perfect that they asked the self-righteous crickets in Georgetown.  Bottom line...because she’s a woman was the only thing mentioned and that by a few.  For the rest...crickets.  Still, let's not forget that if they displayed any kind of patriotic smarts, they be flagged in their dumbing-down courses. Watch this.
BJ3: This could be put with the thought crickets at Georgetown...
From: Dave Hollenbeck    The Cheap Moralizing of Never Trump   Trump voters get that the elite contempt for their man is a proxy contempt...

From: Rob E...
From: Rob E... Earlier: Paul Kersey’s Open Letter To Donald Trump: Defend Freedom Of Association (And Property Values) Against Obama’s Racial Socialism A Republican headquarters building is firebombed.   Trump supporters’ cars are vandalized. . Trump supporters are repeatedly being assaulted.
From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
"Despite Hillary Clinton’s intentional avoidance of mentioning the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) during her campaign speeches, the far-Left group is banding behind the Democratic presidential nominee to set her up for a decisive victory in November."  
(The far-left "COMMUNIST PARTY USA" is endorsing "CLINTON" wholeheartedly, she has "avoided" mentioning them as it would trigger a "conservative rout" for Trump)

From: sherzieve...More horrific every day.  Something similar to Venezuela is what the anti-human/anti-humanity Clinton Mafia has planned for us...Venezuela embraces haute socialist cuisine: humans

70 call center workers arrested in India over scamming and threatening Americans

From: Jean Rice ...Can Puppies Fix Boredom? Power of Puppies – - YouTube  THIS WILL MAKE YOU SMILE!   Jean

From: charlite...Recommended by Sher. Very important angle to the hysterical liberal Left who are doing handstands and cartwheels in ever increasingly PANIC that our 'Teflon Don' may very well win..............and all of these criminals know that their heads will roll, when he comes off of the Inaugural podium SWINGING!

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