Saturday, October 15, 2016


Poll Alert:
Hi, a number of Patriot readers/contributors have contacted us asking for our view on the effectiveness of these sudden allegations against Trump as promoted by his media adversaries. So, we decided to do a quick pilot poll of our 3-Tier poll participants (including Democrats) to determine if this merited further consideration. We asked them just one, forced-choice question...“In your view, all things considered, how relevant are these sudden allegations against Trump as promoted by his media adversaries.....1) Not at all 2) Very little 3)A lot 4) totally 100%. Result: 81% said either “Not at all” and “Very little”.   What would your choice have been? By the way, some respondents added, almost verbatim, what Michelle DallaCroce said in one Rant below.

BJ3: How sweet that he keeps bombarding Cryin’ Ryan...”then he’s a coward and a complete fool”...
Lou Dobbs Tonight / Fox Business - 10/14/16 (33 min.)

From: Michelle Dallacroce.....Raucous Rant (2)
From: Sher Zieve...
Presnell is a Clinton appointee...From: Dave Hollenbeck
H1B ruling proves that existing law allows employers to replace American workers
From: Sher Zieve...
Sounding more like the French Revolution every day...From: John Rolls

From: Savage...
Clinton changes story, admits she didn’t have permission for secret email server

An American Woman’s View of Trump and the GOP
From: Rush...Trump Octopused Her on Which Plane?...RUSH: It turns out that Braniff did not fly 707s from Dallas to New York like Jessica Leeds says she was on, and that was the flight that Trump octopused her.  In fact, we've got the old yellowed schedules that you used to be able to buy as published pamphlets. Newark and New York from Dallas? If you wanted to fly Braniff, you had to fly a Boeing 727.  Now, I'm sure that Ms. Leeds would say, "Well, I don't know 707, 727. What difference does it make?"  Well, it's gonna turn out to make a lot of difference.

From: Sher ZieveAnother lie that the media refuse to admit.  Then, again, their salaries and promotions are now based upon how many lies they can tell about non-Luciferians...From: Dave Hollenbeck
Woman claims Trump grabbed at a Concert… But There’s One BIG PROBLEM
From: sherzieve...Yep!  Appears she was "wishful thinking."  YIKES!  Will wishful thinking against Trump now mean that it's real to the Dems because Mr. Trump is guilty of making her think it???"  Probably...From: charlite  From Chuck Brooks, with our thanks. Please pass this along. This woman is a fraud - in more ways than one! Look at the holes in her dramatic story!!!! Made up out of thin air

From: sherzieve...
If true, I hope he does it NOW!  Thanks, again, to Bill....From: wr_mann
Anonymous Promises to End Hillary’s Campaign With Video Of Bill Raping 13 Year Old

Commentary by TPATH Contributor RoseAnn Salanitri
From: sherzieve...
If Hillary is installed as POTUS or Obama declares martial law and officially becomes DOTUS (Dictator of the US)...not long, I'll wager.  Going home is far superior!!!  From: "John Rolls"
The Hook in the Jaw: 'We Don’t Know How Much Time We have Left on Earth' | Prophecy

Sher Zieve.....
If you haven't seen must!  Thanks to Victoria...From: victoria kateria hayes
MUST-SEE: School Volleyball Player Belts Out Anthem When Recording Fails

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