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Dear Friend, This has been another productive week in Washington. I chaired a joint hearing for the House Committee on Small Business on how the Administration’s executive orders prevent small businesses from competing for federal contracts.
To address Nevada’s serious doctor shortage, I introduced H.R. 6039, the Graduate Opportunities in Medical Distribution Act (GO MED) to create more opportunities for medical students and increase access to health care.
I also joined my colleagues from Nevada Congressman Heck and Congressman Amodei in introducing the Protection from Insurance Exchange Monopolies Act to stop Nevadans from being forced to pay a tax on a monopoly caused by a government mandate that forced out other competition.

The House took action to stop a tax increase on middle class families and our seniors caused by the President’s health care law. I also voted to extend the Perkins Loans Program for career and technical education and help more Americans with job training. Lastly, I voted for H.R. 5620, the VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act that authorizes the VA to fire incompetent bureaucrats.
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Cresent Hardy

Fighting for Nevada’s Small Businesses | VIDEO

This week, I chaired a joint hearing of the Investigations, Oversight and Regulations Subcommittee and the Subcommittee on Contracting and Workforce, both of the House Small Business Committee, on how the Obama Administration’s executive orders prevent small businesses from competing for federal contracts. After meeting with constituents and listening to several small businesses testify, I have come to the conclusion that Washington regulators, and particularly those appointed in the Obama Administration, do not understand how much their executive actions affect the day-to-day operations of small firms.
During my time of service in the House Committee of Small Business, we have held hearings highlighting the negative outcomes of several of these executive actions, doing our best to defend the small business community.  Regrettably, President Obama either hasn’t listened to the needs of small business owners, or worse, simply ignored our appeals.
Actions like Executive Order 13673, commonly referred to as the ‘Blacklisting Rule,’ hamper economic growth in our small business community. By this executive overreach, the Administration has circumvented Congress’ legislative authority and I am concerned that these executive actions will lead to fewer small businesses participating in the federal marketplace.
We currently have 100,000 fewer small businesses registered to do business with the federal government than we did just 4 years ago. This is not good for Nevada or the United States.
I will continue to fight to make sure the voices of our small businesses are heard.

Sparing Nevadans from An Unfair Obamacare Tax

I joined Congressman Joe Heck and Congressman Mark Amodei in introducing the Protection from Insurance Exchange Monopolies Act. Nevadans shouldn’t be forced to pay a tax on a monopoly caused by a government mandate that forced out other competition. All Nevadans deserve access to more health care choices and lower health care costs. The Protection from Insurance Exchange Monopolies Act, would exempt all individuals who live in a county with one or no health insurers offering plans on the Obamacare exchanges from the individual mandate penalty. In Nevada, residents of 10 counties - Esmeralda, Mineral, Humboldt, Pershing, Churchill, Lincoln, White Pine, Eureka, Lander, and Elko - will have only one insurance carrier to choose from, denying them the options and affordability originally promised by the ACA.
The better way to solve rural Nevada’s access to health care is to replace Obamacare with a fairer and more patient-centered approach. But as long as Obamacare is the law, Nevadans shouldn’t be forced to pay a tax on a monopoly caused by a government mandate that forced out other competition. All Nevadans, and particularly those in our rural communities, deserve access to more health care choices and lower health care costs.
I’m glad I could join my colleagues from great state to spare Nevadans from this unfair Obamacare tax.

Stopping An Obamacare Tax Increase on the Middle Class and Senior Citizens

Obamacare plans are rising by nine percent next year in the Las Vegas Valley after they just rose eight percent this year. The last thing that middle class and seniors in Nevada need is to pay more taxes for using health care plans they never wanted in the first place. That’s why I voted for H.R. 3590, the Halt Tax Increases on the Middle Class and Seniors Act.
This legislation provides tax relief on expensive medical bills by repealing an Obamacare tax hike and reinstating the previous allowable deduction levels.
Specifically, this bill amends the IRS code to permanently lower the threshold that individuals may generally claim as an itemized deduction from 10 percent of their Adjusted Gross Income to the original 7.5 percent before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law.
For those 65 years of age and older, this legislation prevents the same tax hike from taking effect next year. If signed into law, this legislation would be grandfathered to be in effect for all individuals for the current tax year.

Creating Opportunities for Medical Students to Increase Access to Health Care | VIDEO

We’re facing a serious doctor shortage in our state and our country. We need to create opportunities for more students to practice medicine and increase access to health care. This is why I introduced H.R. 6039, the Graduate Opportunities in Medical Distribution Act, also known as GO MED, which would implement a program to reallocate unused Medicare Graduate Medical Education Cap allotments to states feeling the worst effects of the physician shortage on a five-year rolling basis. The federal government currently spends roughly $15 billion annually to train physicians across the United States. These funds are used for graduate medical education to train residents. Seventy-eight percent of this funding is provided through Medicare. However the top five states where these opportunities exist receive nearly half of the federal funding for graduate medical education students. The top state, New York, receives more GME funding than 31 other states combined.
In 1996, Congress passed and President Clinton signed into law caps on the amount of slots offered in the GME program after slots ballooned out of control. The caps that remain in place were based on the amount of opportunities states wanted in 1996 rather than what they needed.
In 2014, Medicare paid for only 137 residency slots in the State of Nevada. By comparison, the top 25 states receiving Medicare funding for these GME slots averaged over 3,000 medical education slots.
GO MED would take these slots that are already funded and not utilized and transfer these GME opportunities to states like Nevada where there is a need. A similar redistribution took place in 2011 and it was found then that over 1,000 of these Medicare funded GME positions were not being used.
The Reno Gazette-Journal wrote about the lack of opportunities in Nevada in 2014 and quoted a Regent who said then of medical students, “We teach them to leave.”
Seventy-seven percent of graduate medical education students who learn in Nevada stay in Nevada to practice Medicine. There are literally hundreds of opportunities paid for with hard-working Nevadan’s tax dollars that aren’t being used. I believe it’s prudent to make these commonsense reforms to this program so that the Silver State benefits from the hard work and education of aspiring students who want to practice medicine in Nevada.
The American Medical Association recently found that there could be a shortage of up to 100,000 doctors nationwide in less than ten years based upon looming retirements of the current workforce. In 2013 in Nevada, doctors aged 65 and over made up 26 percent of the practicing workforce and those aged 55-64 made up another 20. It is about time we address this issue and give our students more opportunities in an effort to keep our future doctors in Nevada.

Extending Perkins Loans Program for Career and Technical Education

A one-size fits all approach rarely works; particularly when it comes to education. The better way to ensure today’s students are prepared for tomorrow’s jobs is by trusting job creators in the Las Vegas Valley and local educators like the College of Southern Nevada to be more engaged in the needs of their students than some unaccountable bureaucrat at the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. Earlier this week, I voted for H.R. 5587, the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act to reauthorize and reform the Perkins Loans Program for career and technical education and help more Americans with job training.
The legislation gives states and local educators a more active role in designing programs to prepare high school and community college students for the workforce. H.R. 5587 empowers state and community leaders to be more active, it improves alignment with in-demand jobs, it increases transparency and accountability and it ensures a limited federal role.
Click here to learn more about the benefits of this legislation.

Allowing VA to Fire Incompetent Bureaucrats

Our veterans risked their lives to defend our freedom. They’ve earned every single benefit that’s been promised to them and we ought to keep those promises. Unfortunately, our vets are languishing on waiting lists and are not getting the care they deserve. We've been left with no choice but to address incompetence and malfeasance at the VA head on. I voted for H.R. 5620, the VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act to authorize the Secretary to fire or demote any VA employee for performance or misconduct and reduce employees’ VA Senior Executive Service (SES) pensions if they are convicted of a felony that influenced their job performance.
This bill would also give the Secretary of the VA authority to recoup any bonus or award paid to VA employees if the Secretary deems it necessary and appropriate. It enhances protections for whistleblowers and reforms the appeals process by giving veterans different options to pursue their appeal.
H.R. 5620 passed the House by a vote of 310-116.

Hardy’s Upcoming Events

Fall Business Series
As a follow up to my Summer Business Series, my office is hosting a Fall Business Series made up of seminars for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on taxes and regulations affecting small businesses. These seminars are a service to you and provide great resources that I believe will help small businesses in Nevada thrive.
Mondays | September 12, 2016 through October 24, 2016
North Las Vegas City Council Chambers
2250 N. Las Vegas Boulevard
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Morning Sessions: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Evening Sessions: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
September Seminars
· September 19th - The Affordable Care Act and Your Business
October Seminars
· October 3rd - Doing Business with Your Government
· October 17th - Unlocking the Global Market through Exporting
· October 24th - Establishing Business Relations with Corporations
To RSVP, call (702) 912-1634 or email
Veterans Benefits Seminar in North Las Vegas
Do you have questions about the VA or your veterans’ benefits? Attend my Veterans Benefits Seminar to learn more about disability benefits, accessing My Healthevet and the CHOICE Program. VA representatives will be on hand to provide answers to your questions and show you how to navigate their website where you can access your e-benefits.
Thursday | September 22, 2016
Veterans Transition Resource Center (VTRC)
2250 Nature Park Drive, Room 200
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89084
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
For more information or to RSVP, contact John Taing at (702) 912-1634 or
FAFSA Seminar
Students, parents and educators are welcome to attend my FAFSA Seminar to learn how to better understand the federal financial aid process and get information on applying for scholarships and Service Academy Nominations.
Monday | September 26, 2016
Cimarron Memorial High School
2301 North Tenaya Way
Las Vegas, Nevada 89128
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Call (702) 912-1634 or email for more details.

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Bill would exempt some without health insurance from Obamacare tax penalty – Las Vegas Review-Journal – 09/15/2016 3 Nevada congressmen introduce bill to exempt some from health care penalty – News 4 – 09/15/2016

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