Sunday, September 18, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

NY Post: Inside the scramble to cover up Clinton’s private email server

Friends and Associates:

While people are sleeping or partying this weekend, the NY Post article will probably vanish by Monday or Tuesday as the behind-the-scene(s) scramble to expose the 'wicked witch of the west' and her illegal activities concerning missing emails that indicate abuse of classified emails and National Security issues involving the "stand-down" issued during the Benghazi attack with 4 Americans killed under Hillary Clinton's State Department is the race to the election.

She must be exposed at all costs.....

Our country is now in dire straits with very little hope for a sovereign nation if WE allow the globalist thugs to carry the Hillary corpse across the finish line in November.

Mainstream Media (MSM) is the number one enemy of a free America under God and of a Constitution that governs this government and protects free speech and fair elections. MSM gets their marching orders from both the Hillary camp and the CIA..... 

Our 1st amendment is under attack by the Hillary thugs that want their New World Order. The deception and lies will become worse by November, and since Hillary refuses to step-down, because the public are growing weary of her mental state, according to sources in the DNC, next step could very well be action against her legally and otherwise. 

"Computers from China and Russia tried to attack Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server, according to never-released e-mails from the Denver company that set up and maintained the system."

"And other internal e-mails show the IT executives fretted about being ordered to purge e-mails and scrambled to distance themselves from what they believed was the former first lady “covering up some shaddy [shady] s- -t.”

"In a gallows-humor message, one called it “Hillary’s coverup operation.”

Inside the scramble to cover up Clinton’s private email server

See this from our William Homolka at  US Intel.Net
Russia reveals a plot by leftist to assassinate Trump

To better understand how the communist have infiltrated the U.S. over the decades, watch this historical presentation of the End Game

From The Desk of  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)  Int'l Freight Captain with military and law enforcement background. Director of the Intelligence Support Agency Inc (I.S.A.) during the early 80's, international aircraft repossession and government contractor. Following 9/11...trained DHS (counter-terrorism instructor), Border Security Specialist. Media Relations Director for MCDC, and Political Activist. 

After 9/11, it became apparent that American freedoms and liberties were under attack and those responsible are still dictating policies while undermining our constitution. My mission is to slice through the propaganda  and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources. We are the pulse of America and we can win the battle against tyranny.

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