Friday, September 30, 2016



Women VS Hillary

Dear American Patriots,

Help me share my story At the age of 12, I was brutally raped and beaten on the side of a road in Arkansas.

Left for dead by a 41-year-old child predator, I remained in a coma for five days.

When I awoke, if found out that the man who did this to me had been caught, but I had no idea that my nightmare was just beginning.

You see, the man who raped and beat me was represented by a young and ambitious Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary, who now claims to be the defender of women and children, volunteered to take the case as a personal favor to the prosecutor.

While everyone has a right to representation, bullying, shaming, smearing, blocking evidence and mentally abusing a child is a level that no moral person should stoop to.

Not only did Hillary choose to defend the man who raped me as a child, during the trial she called me a "slut" and told the court that I was "seeking out older men" and said I "fantasized about sex with and older guy", which she totally made up.

I was a 12-year-old virgin at the time.

I was innocent.

Yet, Hillary bullied me, shamed me for being raped, and forced me to undergo grueling psychological evaluations.

While I will always be left with the horrible memory of the rape, I was also left unable to bear children as a result.

But what haunts me is that the man who raped me only served two months in a county jail. Hillary's Courthouse Cronies claimed both the police and hospital records had vanished.

Hillary got my rapist off and then got caught LAUGHING about his guilt.

Every time I see Hillary Clinton's face on television or see one of her ads, I'm left shaking mad. She claims to be a friend to women? It's a cruel joke.

That's why, after 40 years of anonymity, I'm willing to speak out directly about Hillary's true character.

She is a woman who will do anything, say anything, and destroy ANYONE who gets in her way . . . just like she did to me when I was just 12 years old.

I need your help to get this message out.

Tens of millions of Americans have not heard my story and they have not heard the cackles of Hillary when she was interviewed on tape literally laughing that she knew the man who raped me was guilty.

Every American deserves to see this side of Hillary. That's why I joined Women vs. Hillary. I want to tell people my true story through on-line digital ads and Candace Jackson and the brave women involved with Women vs. Hillary know how to make that happen.

Please make a donation today and help me get this story out before it's too late.

All of those women who have fallen for Hillary's "I'm with Her" message need to know who they are standing with.

Please help me get the truth out about my story and thank you so much for the consideration.


Kathy Shelton
Spokeswoman for Women vs. Hillary

P.S. I haven't had a solid night's rest since I decided to tell my story about Hillary. It has brought back nightmares about the rape and the trial I endured in shame at the age of twelve. Hillary thought she destroyed me to further her legal career. But I'm back and I need you to donate now so that she can hear my voice again. Click here and give as much as you can.

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