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Hillary Terrified of Trump, Here’s Why
By Dick Morris
There is no question that Donald Trump has been gaining significantly over the last two or three weeks.
If you have been following my comments, you know my basic construct about this election.
It’s very simple. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both have high negatives so the race is very volatile.
Most people could switch very easily.
Trump is in trouble because of what he said and how he has acted.
But Hillary is in trouble because of what she has done.

It is far easier to clean up your act than it is to get over your past.
And we are watching this play out now: Trump overcoming the negatives about how he acts while Hillary gets stuck, mired and clobbered by her old baggage.
My new book, which is now seven weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, predicted all of this.
It’s called Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary.
I am thrilled to see Donald Trump using my book Armageddon as a playbook for his campaign and I'm delighted to see how well it's working.
In Armageddon I explain what he is doing, why he is doing it, and how it is a winning strategy.
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Let’s start with Trump. He had to go from being an entrepreneurial businessman to being a candidate in the Republican primary. It was a steep learning curve that is not easy to do.
It took him a while but he has aced it.
He’s developed a whole new style and a whole new approach, not relying on big-money advertising.
So the issue was whether he could clean up his act without abandoning his positions, and he has really figured out how to do that.
He takes the same positions he used to. He didn’t weaken his immigration position at all, but he did address it in a different tone.
He went to a black church in Detroit and he said school choice is the civil rights issue of our time.
One of the great lines of the campaign is that we cannot let the pattern of housing discrimination and ghettoization lead to school segregation.
The only way to avoid that is by school choice including private schools — which Hillary opposes.
In his economic speech Trump spoke of the importance of having fair trade, eliminating Chinese currency manipulation and empowering American workers.
It was a terrific series of speeches, delivered with a presidential tone.
He went to Mexico and met with their president in a scene that was very presidential.
Meanwhile Hillary was getting blasted and clobbered by her past.
James Comey, the head of the FBI, decided not to indict her in the courts of law, but he sure is indicting her in the court of public opinion.
Every day is a different cut. It is the death of a thousand cuts.
And there are really three fronts here that need to be examined separately.
One is the destruction of documents.
The second is the pay-for-play.
And the third is the implications for the Benghazi tragedy and Hillary’s role in the cover-up.
Hillary’s only defense is her assertion that you, the voter, can’t possibly support Trump: “How could you even think about that? He’s terrible; he’s impossible!”
As voters are beginning to realize that there is nothing that wrong with Donald — in fact, he is pretty good and they like him — then there is no other defense that Hillary has.
We are seeing this trend happen, just as I predicted, in the latest national and battleground polls.
Still, anything can happen in the next two months.
I believe there are 3 things Donald Trump must do soon if wants to win. I write about them in Armageddon.
I have also warned Trump to beware of dirty tricks from Hillary. I know her well.
But in Armageddon I reveal her darkest secrets — and her greatest vulnerabilities that Trump must exploit.
If he takes my advice in Armageddon, he’ll win.
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