Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Fox Affiliate Hires Hillary Clinton Operative to Report News

Today's Articles

Judge Roy Moore Faces Charges for His Order Regarding Sodomite Marriage
Mainstream Media Silent as Democrats Threatening Government Shutdown
Tennessee Parents Win Major Victory As Local School Board Cuts Out References To Pro-Muslim Propaganda In Public School Curriculum
FBI Director James Comey: Defeating ISIS Will Make Them More Dangerous
Without the Death Penalty There is No Justice
Trump/Clinton After Round One: “Who’s Fit to Run the World?”
NC NAACP Funded By Soros (Video)
Coach Ditka on Kaepernick: If you Don’t Like the Country “Get the Hell Out”!
A Few Uncomfortable Truths You Won’t Hear from the 2016 Presidential Candidates
Coming to an Elementary School Near You, Courtesy of Common Core: Doll Beheadings [video]
Speaking of Giant Meteor 2016, NASA Missed the One That Hit Earth Yesterday
Will We Ever Discover the Truth Regarding the Charlotte Shooting?
Pastor Commits Suicide after Accidentally Texting Nude Photos of Himself to Church Group
Swiss Parliament Votes to Ban Muslim Women from wearing Burkas in Public
Pence Supports Unconstitutional Stop and Frisk
Hillary Clinton’s Solution for Terror Attacks in America? More Gun Control
INCREDIBLE: FBI Interview with Hillary Clinton About Vince Foster’s Death Vanish from National Archives

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