Sunday, September 25, 2016


Obama’s CIA Director Admits to Having Supported the Communist Party!

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Marine Corps Dad Banned from Daughter’s High School Graduation had Complained when School Taught her how to Convert to Islam!

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A Former Kennedy Speechwriter and New York Democrat on Why He’s Voting for Trump!

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Transgender Indoctrination Forced on Military Personnel and Public Schools
How To Spot A Tyrant
Liberals take Aim at Conservative for Making a Movie Defending Donald Trump!
Real Deplorable: Obama Vetoes Bill to Help 9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia
#BlackLivesMatter Rioters Attack and Beat Two White Teenage Girls
Who will Win the White House – the Answer could Change America Forever
Documentary Exposes UNITED NATIONS Program Indoctrinating Children to Kill Jews and Join ISIS [video]
Have the Bush’s Forgotten who Elected Them?
A Simple Experiment Disproves the Climate Change Alarmists
HILARIOUS! Hook ‘Em Horns Texas Fans Opinions of Hillary Clinton Are EPIC [video]
THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST PORCUPINE!!! [video, make sure volume is on]
Pray for the Victims of the Cascade Mall Shooting in Washington State
Today, September 25, 1789: Bill of Rights Approved by Congress
News You Can Use for September 25, 2016
NC NAACP Funded By Soros (Video)
Get Ready for Another Attack on The 2nd Amendment
Sheriff on Obama: “I Don’t Care Where He’s From, We Are Looking At A Forged Document, Period!”
Hypocritical Rioters use Violence to “Protest” Violence
MUST WATCH: Hillary Furious after Comedian makes her Look Ridiculous in Interview!
Senator Ted Cruz ENDORSES Donald Trump and Encourages Other Conservatives to do so as Well
Democrats Desperate: And the Clock is Ticking!
Death Taxes are Immoral and Disgusting
Fertility Campaign Accused of Being Racist, Sexist [VIDEO]
More Black Christians Embrace Trump [video]
Mexican Diplomat says Trump COULD make Mexico Pay for the Wall!

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