Saturday, September 24, 2016


BJ3: 'Hoping for the best, expecting the worst,' says patch maven about October change to cumulative updates for Windows 7

Impending cumulative updates for Windows 7 and 8 unnerve patch experts...Microsoft's decision to force Windows 10's patch and maintenance model on customers running the still-popular Windows 7 has patch experts nervous.

BJ3: Of course, he’s shooting at a minority since most “journalism” is pro mass immigration...Seems to many Catholics that more and more of what “he says” is a form of  religious terrorism on its anti-N.W.O. own...From: Jenny...
Pope Calls Anti-Mass Immigration Journalism a ‘Form of Terrorism’

Big Catholics Back Trump- Santorum
From: Rush...Judging the Trump Effect
RUSH: Peggy Noonan has a column today, , and I can back this up; I've run into the same thing, too.  She says it is phenomenal the number of people she knows who are gonna vote for Trump who don't want anybody to know it, establishment types, political types, people that travel in her universe, from the Hamptons, to Manhattan, to wherever.
From: Rob E...Legal Rebellion in Michigan Over Refugees Could Help Trump Win State – Breitbart

From: Rush...Morning Update: IMPRISONED...It was Obama’s swan song at the UN this week and he decided to slam Donald Trump. “The world is too small for us to simply build a wall and prevent it from affecting our own societies,” he said. “A nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.” Typical flatulent drivel that liberal politicians spew to impress each other. And it’s BS.
From: charlite.....Suggestion for Team Trump...
Hillary's debate prep teamsters think they'll score BIG on the intimidation meter by having Mark Cuban sitting in the front row facing Donald Trump.  Trump's people should reserve front row seats for: Dolly Kyle, Gennifer Flowers, Juannita Broadderick, Paul Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp - all lined up wearing bright blue satin gowns directly in front of Hillary's podium. 
Whoever knows Trump's HQ email address might want to send this suggestion there.

From: sherzieve   From: John Rolls.....Obama Hints He Staying, Could Martial Law Be Declared and He Not Leave the White House? -Videos | Obama

From: Savage...
Source: Dash cam video shows man shot by police coming at them with handgun...

From: Jenny...
Mariners Suspend Steve Clevenger for Criticizing Obama, Anthem Protesters, Charlotte Rioters

From: GEGriffin...Obama announced that 50 companies, mostly with close connections to the government like Google and Goldman Sachs, have pledged $650 million to educate and resettle refugees. [It is not clear what ‘educate’ means in this context but, judging by the violence and cultural chaos flowing from the recent immigration programs in Europe, we sure know what ‘resettle’ means.] Daily Caller 2016 Sep 20
From: Jenny...
Study: Europeans Prefer Skilled, Christian Refugees to Muslim Migrants

RUSH: You're still stuck with Windows even if you fix the problem.

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