Saturday, September 10, 2016


Poll Question:  Bill Gheen of ALIPAC says that deporting illegals, with their immediately going right to the end of the line, is against the law.  He says the illegals must wait 10 years before they can do that. For this poll....
Do you think that nullifying/waiving this 10-year ban is an acceptable trade-off for deporting these illegals?

BJ3: But why is Giuliani trying to sabotage Trump? They “believe” BHO was born in the US? That’s because, neither one of them can prove where BHO was born, unless they demand and get him to release his REPORTEDLY sealed and vaulted BC.  And remember what Carl Gallups at PPS wrote:

From: sherzieve...
Again...WHERE IS CONGRESS?!?!???...From: "John Rolls"
The Govt's Takeover of the World Wide Web

Votes of Thousands Who Haven't Proven Citizenship Could 'Swing' Kansas Elections
From: sherzieve   From: "doug walk"...“Who uses 13 different iPhones in four years?” Trump asked. “People who have nothing to hide don’t destroy phones with hammers. People who have nothing to hide don’t bleach their emails or destroy evidence to keep it from being publicly archived as required by federal law.” (Clinton fits the description of a "lifetime arch-criminal" perfectly)  [Many other lesser criminals are doing life in prison for less]
Trump: FBI Report Disqualifies Hillary Clinton From Race | Fix This Nation .com
From: Devvy...Embarrassing is an understatement:
Photos: Embarrassing Turnout For Hillary Clinton Keynote Speech At Baptist Convention
From: Devvy...Why Obama could never allow Hillary to be indicted
From: Devvy...Assange : Bernie Sanders Was Threatened To Drop Out Of The Race
From: John Rolls   All Hell is Breaking Loose on this Friday: America is Being Occupied

From: Jenny...
Cardinal Burke: Christians and Muslims Do Not Worship The Same God

From: Jenny...
Meet Thong Vang: Illegal Alien Child Rapist Hillary’s State Department Did Not Deport, Shoots Two Officers

From: Rob E.....Migrants To Britain- “I’m sorry, the free house you’re offering sucks, we demand a bigger house”
From: Jenny...
FINALLY: Scientists Name Blood Sucking Parasite After Obama...Blood fluke that infects lungs of Malaysian turtles named Baracktrema obamai.  Now this is just someth’n:
“How these eggs get outside to hatch and infect new hosts isn’t clear, although making the turtles cough is probably involved.”

From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
"Ninety-seven percent of VA appointments are still uncompleted within 30 days,” Castro informed. “And veterans many times are completely unable to see primary care doctors.” She maintains that the breakdown is rooted in the failure of the Obama administration to honor and take care of the veterans who have risked their lives for Americans’ freedom." (The bottom line is that the entire Obama/Clinton criminal cartel hates American veterans and is systematically killing them by inaction, while "illegal tresspassers" in America get FULL quick medical treatment)
From: Jenny...
.....France’s first all-female ISIS terror cell held in Notre Dame ‘car bomb’ probe were plotting to blow up Paris train station THIS WEEK

From: Jenny...
Update: “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV...Only a month ago, Morrell stunningly stated openly on television that he wanted to target the leadership of Russia, Iran and Assad in Syria

From: Jenny...
‘Trumpism Lands In Britain’: The Left Are Outraged The UK Is Building A Southern Border Wall

From: Jenny...
What can you say...
Brown University Providing Tampons in Men’s Bathrooms Because ‘Both Sexes Menstruate’...

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