Thursday, September 8, 2016


Poll Question:  Bill Gheen of ALIPAC says that deporting illegals, with their immediately going right to the end of the line, is against the law.  He says the illegals must wait 10 years before they can do that. For this poll....
Do you think that nullifying/waiving this 10-year ban is an acceptable trade-off for deporting these illegals?

BJ3: As PPSimmons rightly corrects ignoramus Tapper on his “As a factual matter”...Do read all of the PPS points. As many of you know, we’ve also been saying this for years as have many of you. Well done, CG.
From: Dave Hollenbec...The Shaming of the Never Trumpers ___September 07, 2016 by Rush
From: Sher Zieve...
The complete column.  Thanks to Dave...From: Dave Hollenbeck
From: Jo Wideman, CAPS...Urgent! Tell Congress to Help American Workers and Reject the TPP!
Anita Hynds says:...Call to the Speaker of the House,(202)225 3031 to Mimi Walters (202)225 5611, or to any of your Representatives. You can call at any time. Just leave a message.
From: Peri McMillan...Multiculturalism: Dismantling Western Culture - Hillary and Merkel
Notice at no time does Tony Blair of the United Kingdom allow his family or children to be in contact with the 2.5 million Muslims he invited into that country. Same with Merkel in Germany! And, France’s Hollande! The rich elites never allow their hands to be soiled in the commoners’ problems with multiculturalism.......   by Frosty Wooldridge

From: Kirk MacKenzie...For a pregnant woman in Russia, the sales pitch from one New Jersey hospital is alluring: Spend upwards of $10,000 to deliver a baby in a U.S. facility where mother and child will receive superior medical care. Within the fine print is the greatest benefit of all -- American citizenship for the newborn and all the privileges that come with it.
From: sherzieve...
RE...'We’re Moving Into A New Era’  It will be one of poverty, enslavement and spiritual death for we-the-people...if we continue to allow it!...From: "John Rolls"
Obama Warns About Cyber Attack – ‘We’re Moving Into A New Era’ | Survival

From: sherzieve...George Carlin - Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners
From: Kirk MacKenzie...
Trial for Bundy brothers starts in Oregon
BJ3: And meanwhile the repukes do nothing???...
From: sherzieve...
From: "John Rolls"
BO's Sneak Attack on US Sovereignty Sets Stage for Climate Regulation | Obama

From: sherzieve... "They're here..."—Poltergeist 1982...
From: freedomusa
To Fight Climate Change Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Deputizes Thought Police

New docs reveal that even allies wonder if activist AG went too far
From: sherzieve...
UK is Shari'a bound...From: "Joe Bradley" The office of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has issued a grant for the new Thought Police –  an online ‘hub’ designed to identify so-called ‘hate speakers’ for police.  What’s more, he is spending millions of pounds of British taxpayer money to essentially eliminate the concept of free speech.

From: Jenny...
Unconfirmed reports of leprosy at elementary school prompt parent notification

From: Jenny...Total insanity…'How To Be a White Ally' posters say all white people are racist...New students at Pomona College were welcomed to campus with posters in their dorms giving instructions on “How to be a (Better) White Ally” and stating that all white people are racist.

From: Jenny...California State University to Introduce Segregated Housing for Black Students
From: Jenny...UN Commissioner Warns of 'Weaponized' Populism from Wilders, Trump, Farage Turning 'Into Colossal Violence'
From: Jenny...Trump: “People Who Have Nothing To Hide Don’t Smash Phones With Hammers”
"No one takes all the risks Hillary Clinton took unless they are trying to cover up massive crimes."

Clinton Refuses Invite from Mexican President
From: Jenny...Caterpillar Hires H-1B Foreign Graduates, Fires 300 American Professionals

From: sherziev...
Part of his increasingly profound "legacy"...From: "John Rolls"

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