Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Submitted by: P McMillan

If you are Gay, why are you voting for Hillary when she wants to bring in 1,000's of refugees that believe all Gays should be executed.
 If you are Black, why are you voting for Hillary when she admires Margaret Sanger and defends Planned Parenthood when they want to abort as many black babies as possible. Exterminating the black race because, they are like "weeds". Most of these clinics are in Black neighborhoods. Both planned Parenthood and the Democrat Party enabled KKK have endorsed and donated millions of money to her campaign.

 If you are a Christian, why are you voting for Hillary Clinton when she wrote her Senior thesis on Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer, The Devil. She says he was and still is her mentor.
 If you are a Veteran, in the military, or closely related to a military member, why are you voting for Hillary when she left those men to die in Benghazi and had the nerve to lie about it over and over again. They called for help but the help was told to stand down.
 If you have factory job, why are you voting for Hillary when she supported TPP and factory workers are being laid off because jobs are going over seas. Don't forget the deals she made with China. She also welcomes open borders and illegals to get benefits with your tax money.
 If you are poor, why are you voting for Hillary, when she is supporting Wall street and all the big banks. Big banks keep the poor poorer by destroying the poor man's credit by allowing medical bills and collections to affect your credit scores so you can pay higher interest rates than the rich. Taking as much of the little money you earn.
 If you are a woman, how can you vote for Hillary when she has buried all of Bill's rape victims under the rug including that little 12 year old girl that was raped when she defended the rapist and then laughed about it later.
If you are middle class and don't want higher taxes, why would you vote for Hillary are she will be increasing your taxes expotentionally!
If you live with good morals , high values and have integrity, why would you vote for a woman that doesn't hold herself to those standards ?
 If you carry a gun, believe in the Constitution, how can you vote for Hillary  when she wants to eliminate the NRA, Take your guns, and abolish the first and second amendment.
 If you breathe, why would you vote for Hillary when she has left/is leaving  a trail of dead people that did not agree with her or knew too much about her bad business practices!
 If you are a tax payer, how can you vote for her when she "lost" 6 BILLION dollars of your money?
 If you  are an upstanding honest person that believes in integrity, how could you vote for a woman disbarred because of unethical behavior and lying in the Nixon trial?
 We simply cannot have anymore of the liberal hypocrisy, lies and treason. This is our last chance to do it right, ask for paper ballots and if you have a shred of integrity,
                                  VOTE TRUMP/PENCE!!!!!

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