Monday, August 1, 2016


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

Obama must be laughing at American voters. He is successfully hiding many international tragedies while he promotes stories about Donald Trump to bolster Hillary's campaign.

Turkey is set to capture an estimated 90 nuclear weapons from a U.S. military base. China is sword rattling as is North Korea.

Angela Merkel, of Germany, is beset by German citizens, police officers continue to be killed at an alarming rate yet the Main Stream Media (MSM) obeys Obama and suppresses news of great importance. Fukushima radiation continues to spread, but the MSM   does not say a word.

Just how gullible are the citizens of the (once) great nation?

Hillary lies to FOX News Mike Wallace saying, "FBI Director Comey said I was truthful..." The MSM says nothing.

Judges are busily dismantling Voter ID Laws and Hillary's minions are in preparation of stealing the votes and the MSM says NOT ONE WORD! A mere 1.5 rise in our economy and the MSM says nothing.

Yes...Obama is laughing and RIGHTFULLY SO as the voting citizens hear him say...:Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person..."

His laugh is one of evil and designed to further the destruction of America and our ways of life.

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