Tuesday, August 30, 2016


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

To hear Juan Williams, FOX NEWS CONSULTANT, is to hear spins and lies put forth by the Left.

Mr Williams says "Trump shows his disdain for women by speaking out against Huma Aberdin."

My reply is..."HUH!"

Huma Aberdin left material marked a 'CLASSIFIED' on a car seat where is was able to be seen and by Trump commenting on that is speaking out against women? Give me a break!

I suppose Mr Williams thinks it is perfectly OK for Hillary's top aide to do as she wishes regardless of the laws of this nation simply because she is a female! Again...Give me a break!

Aside from Mr Williams' constant defense of Hillary Clinton, knowing of her lies, perjuries, absolute hatred for minorities and obvious deceptive nature, I often wonder...will he actually vote for this criminal to be our next President?

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