Thursday, August 18, 2016


Submitted by: P McMillan

The Clinton Foundation just announced that it will stop taking $ from foreigners until after the election.   

Hmmm.   Why now?  The emails coming from WikiLeaks tell the story.   The 30,000 emails that were erased by Hillary tell the story.  Pay for play.  Corruption.  Hillary sold her influence for $.  Treason.  Read Clinton Cash.   Millions, maybe billions, funneled to off shore accounts.   Millions given to the Hillary campaign from foreigners through the Clinton Foundation.    Illegal.

From the Clinton tax returns, over 90% of the donations to charitable organizations by the Clintons were to the Clinton Foundation.   Hmmmm.   

The Clintons are feeling the pressure.   More is coming.   America is learning how dishonest the Clintons really are.  Khan was just the tip of the iceberg.   His law firm received $375 K from the Clinton Foundation just before he spoke at the Democrat convention.  

The media are the henchmen for the Clintons.   They hide the facts that are negative about the Clintons and exaggerate the gaffs by Trump.  

Trump has more women executives than male executives.  Trump just hired KellyAnn Conway as the first woman head of a campaign in history.   None of the mainstream media are covering it.   They would rather continue the lie about Trump and women.    

According to the latest 3 national polls ... LA, Pew, Rassmusen ... Trump is within 3 points of Clinton.   Do not believe the media polls,   The establishment globalists owns the media.   

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