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The Wall Street Journal reports that the Obama administration secretly paid Iran $400 million dollars in cash just as four Americans were freed by the rogue nation, as part of the president's nuclear agreement with the rogue nation. The White House claims the January 2016 payout "was not ransom" and "any suggestion that it had anything to do with ransom is absolutely and utterly false." In an interview on FOX News this morning, State Department spokesman John Kirby also called the timing of the Iran payment and the prisoner release "separate" and "coincidental."

So then, why the secrecy? Why are the American people just finding out that pallets filled with hundreds of millions of dollars in euros and Swiss francs were sent to Iran on an unmarked cargo plane, as part of an initial installment of a settlement with Tehran?

This isn't the first time the Obama administration has come under fire for not disclosing key elements of the President's dirty nuke deal. It's simply the latest example of Mr. Obama and his ilk forcing their radical and reckless agenda down the collective throats of Americans.

Over the past seven-plus years, our "Commander-in-Chief's" misguided and dangerous ideology has seen the United States cozy up to rogue nations AND empower terrorists. It's time for concerned, right-minded patriots to finally say, "Enough!" And it's time for the Senate to fulfill their obligations under the U.S. Constitution.

+ + The President's Iran Nuclear Deal Had ZERO Bipartisan Support

Senators didn't even vote to ratify the Iran deal that, for all intents and purposes, is a treaty, which should have required approval by two-thirds of the Senate. There was plenty of tough talk and posturing, especially from GOP "leaders." But in the end, legislation designed to ensure that the people's representatives had a voice in the President's dirty Iran deal never even made it to the Senate floor for a full vote!

Instead, President Obama moved forward on his wildly unpopular Iran deal WITHOUT ANY CONGRESSIONAL MAJORITY VOTING IN FAVOR OF THE TREATY. America's "Divider-in-Chief" had ZERO bi-partisan support on any vote related to his dirty nuclear deal.

A nuclear-empowered Iran poses a threat to the United States, Israel and other nations in the Middle East. The President's ill-advised and fraudulently presented deal has provided the terrorist regime with billions in cash and done nothing to curtail the nation's anti-America, anti-Israel aggression and rhetoric. Since the deal was agreed to just over a year ago, Iran has already violated it four times! By testing ballistic missiles reportedly capable of reaching the Holy Land!

+ + Do You Think The Senate Should Repeal Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal?

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The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Sent Cash to Iran as Americans Were Freed

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