Monday, August 15, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

Deaths Rising in the DNC Conspiracy Theories.....just a coincidence, please move along.

Friends and Associates:

I'm getting some flak from Hillary supporters that these deaths are not related and autopsy reports are the truth, i.e., John Ashe did not die from a bell weight falling on his neck, but was from asphyxia.

Well duh....asphyxia is suffocation.

I think there might be a 5th death that should be on the rising list of conspiracy theories that seem NOT to be a coincidence.

Justice Scalia died with a pillow found on his head and NO autopsy was done. He was the "5th wheel" for protecting the 2nd amendment.

There are well over 90 suspicious deaths so far since Arkansas and evilness has no limit.  According to Alex Jones and info he is getting from respected insiders, the discussion about Donald Trump's potential assassination in Washington Democrat circles is on the table....but at the same time, there seems to be discussion of a False Flag against Hillary and will be blamed on Trump's supporters. or Trump's insiders. "Secret Service agents are very concerned with the B.S. coming out of the Hillary camp."

Other statements coming forward is the likelihood that Hillary's mental health has gone completely to shit and she will have to bow-out of the race. She "needs a diaper change every 30 minutes," and will be the reason she cannot debate more than 30 minutes.

Then we will see Joe Biden enter stage left when Hillary totally falls apart.

The Clintons and her staff are scared...very scared. They know they are losing, but you would not know that if you only watch the "Tokyo Rose" media.

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