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For Openers: We think that Trump going to Mexico to meet that president is a monumentally unnecessary risk. He could get shot, his plane shot down, and such, It’s almost akin to Scalia going to that Texas ranch. Let the Mexican president come here. Elsewhere...last night on Hannity a topic was immigration with Huckabee and Fleisher (of the Bush administration).  Would you believe that, from what we heard, not once was the word “illegal” or “illegals” used? Same ol’ Gang of 8 comprehensive immigration “reform”.  Then later, Hannity kept repeating the number of illegals at 11 million. Back when the Gang of 8 made their pitch, the number was even higher then.  Are we supposed to think that it went down in all those years? bovine scatology!  (no link)

URGENT! Call Trump Campaign Today - NO Legalization for Illegal Aliens; Enforce our Immigration Laws!    
Mr. Trump and Team:     The below message is of the greatest importance regarding your actions relating to Immigration.  I sent you something similar last week and we hope that you will not give in for giving in at this point is not abiding by our constitution and it is definitely displaying the fact that Breaking the Law one will be rewarded......we wonder why our Constitution is not being respected and honored, for many of our elected officials break the law and yes, they do get rewarded along with the illegal immigrants.  ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL!!!!  We must also protect Our legal Immigrants, for they have sacrificed so much.  Our legal immigrants have to pay in order to come into our country and then pay a fee to become a citizen.  Enough is Enough!!!!!   Now, if laws and regulations are to be changed regarding the legal entrance of individuals, then they should be changed so as the American Citizens and the Legal immigrants will not be demeaned or disrespected in any way shape or form, so speak. Thank you for your attention and time.  Sincerely,   Suzanne 
From: "Peri McMillan"    From: Jeff  URGENT! Call Trump Campaign Today - NO Legalization for Illegal Aliens; Enforce our Immigration Laws!   Call the campaign NOW and tell them NO to any legalization for illegal aliens.   Ph. 646-736-1779, ext. 5.     (a live staffer will answer your call)
Donald Trump will be announcing his detailed plan for stopping illegal immigration and securing our borders tomorrow (Wednesday) in Phoenix.  Trump is under tremendous pressure from our open border media and global elites in both parties to cave on his pledge to enforce our laws with no amnesty/legalization for the 12-20 million illegal aliens hiding in our homeland.  They want him to say that all the “good ones”  can stay.  That is mass amnesty and we tried that in 1986 with disastrous results.     Tell Trump he must stand firm for American workers and citizens.  No legalization for illegals.  Just cut off the jobs and welfare benefits and most will leave the U.S. on their own.  It’s the LAW.  America First!
PLEASE FORWARD AND SHARE.  Jeff Schwilk   San Diegans for Secure Borders

BJ3: Let’s all keep in mind that Hannity and his ilk keep stating that the number is 11 million. It was even higher than that during the Gang of 8 Comprehensive Immigration “Reform”/  What did it drop to 11 million. The realistic number is more like 30-40 million as evidence by what Hillary and Kaine said (in a recent Briefer). That said, who says they all have to be deported in one day or month or year. It can well be done faster than the way they came...over a period of years. From: Devvy...How to self-deport millions of illegals...Exclusive: Devvy Kidd sees solution in re-introdution of bill by 'Dirty Harry Reid' ...

From: sherzieve... More evidence that the Marxist Dems want us dead and replaced by the illegals...
From: "doug walk"...
“The unchecked flows of un-vetted individuals representing a clear and present danger to the medical challenges that could spiral out-of-control and represent a pandemic set of circumstances.
At the federal level there is silence coupled
with denial.” (Anyone who thinks this is not
"intentional" on the part of this criminal Obama/Clinton cartel is delusional) ...

From: Sher Zieve  From: Dave Hollenbeck  CBP Reports 140 Border Agents Assaulted in 3 Months

From: Rob E   Conservatives rally for Donald Trump in statewide flash mobs

From: sherzieve...
When did Tyrant Obama actually usurp this power to 'give to and deny' we-the-sheeple?  And...where are the Congressional Republicans?  TMK, this cannot be done without Congressional legislation.

From: blueislandbobsue  Please pass on.  God Bless our America.
More of Hillary Clinton's Secrets exposed by none other than "Diamond & Silk." 
From: Dave Bertrand
The woman is a mass murderer and extremely dangerous...InfoWars exposes Hillary
Friends and Associates:  Recently, Hillary Clinton has made a public statement against Alex Jones (InfoWars) because the information war is taking hold and when you are over the target, one can expect flak.  However....Clinton history of attacking opponents often ends-up in suspicious deaths. Google has recently removed any and all links to the Clinton murders from the mid 90's to the recent 5 deaths.  Alex Jones has prepared a special / educational video (17 min) outlining the mass murders by the Clintons and takes us on a historical look at how and why Hillary Clinton has been instrumental with destabilizing the Middle East.....and the end game.He covers the mass extermination of innocent civilians and children....of which Hillary thinks it's funny. This video has gone viral with the help of The Drudge Report. 
From: Chuckolb...Ready Set Go to the Third Term !!!
Obama’s Third Term Plans are Underway by John Rolls reporting
by Captain Dave Bertrand, Ret.
source -
article url -

From: sherzieve...
This toad continues to plant warts wherever it goes... From: "doug walk"...
"One can only speculate how the administration plans to ratify the agreement without approval of the Senate,"
The Washington Times: Obama will bypass Senate, ratify Paris climate accord himself during trip to China: report 
From: jim colter......The other shoe hasn't dropped yet ...
Our Fed.Gov was captured years ago and both entrenched parties (Dems & Repubs) are still acting out their fa├žade, just to keep the sheeple fooled and somewhat calm until the other shoe drops.   During the Bush years they created a new Dept. under the guise of keep America safer in a more coordinated way, so they claimed.    However, the Dept. of Homeland Security was  designed purely for their benefit. It funneled all the control of all the other agencies and depts. under one roof (the whitehouse) where the President and the Exec. Branch have total control.  They've been making these chess moves quietly along the way.  Please remember too, that both houses of Congress participated in creating those tools that can be used against "we the people"  and below is a link to the Exec. Order that allows for their agenda to be implemented when the  "Globalist" decide to let the other shoe drop.   Their success is NOT inevitable. 
Awareness leads to preparedness which then allows for a more likely survival. Godspeed,Jim Colter   8.30.16  

BJ3: How incredibly treasonous.  From: audree lynn     From:  John...It's all about the money folks. Read article and let it sink in what the Globalists are trying and will continue to do. Notice the lack of truth in favor of them wanting even more refugees many who will be on freebies by our gov.  Remember HC wants even more to come here than Ovomit and you can reason why from this video.  Smoke with blacked out mirrors.
From: Jenny.....Germany: Migrants Gang-Rape 14yo Girl, Throw Her Out in the Cold – Show Up to Court ‘Grinning’...One of their own lawyers says there's no way to even defend them
From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk" (You "common people" will do what we say, not what we do)
Anti-Gun Democrat State Senator Arrested In Ferguson Carrying A 9mm American Lookout

From: Jenny...This is such a waste of $ towards indoctrination and PC, the easiest way…let’s just start calling everyone “comrade”….that’s their final goal, no?  Same as not using the term boys and girls in schools…
DOJ Video Tells Cops To Ask Transgendered Citizens: 'Do You Prefer Ma'am Or Sir?'

From: sherzieve    
From: "John Rolls"
BJ3: And which language is it as they seem to understand all “languages”.
Dogs understand our language, study shows  

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