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Submitted by: David Bertrand

A Trump Win will turn the tables on this communist government

Friends and Associates:

What are the implications of a Trump win?

I listened to Trump's acceptance speech and see a few policies that will turn the tables on this current government.....on one hand, great for us... the Liberty Movement, but will cause the advancement of civil unrest throughout this country.

There is no doubt, Trump will secure the border, but certain elements will continue to slip by every method used. The wall cannot possibly extend the entire length of the border, but will definitely re-route the drug cartel and Islamic terrorists through regions protected by the environmentalists that claim certain animal species require free access back and forth across the border (protected by the United Nations), including Native Americans of the Tohono O'Odham Indian Reservation in Arizona. Note: Tohono Native Americans continue to facilitate cross border activity, but with only a handful of designated Native Americans deputized as U.S. Border Patrol "trackers" to stop the flow of illegal aliens and drugs.

Trump has emphatically declared the "revolving door of catch and release will stop."

With most every single state and federal prison over-populated...because of the bogus "war on drugs," the "catch and release" termination by Trump will create a dilemma for his administration and (here's the big one), a major dilemma for the Liberty Movement.

WE have argued over and over again about the existence of the (REX 84) FEMA Camps and (OUR) absolute disdain for them, because under a Hillary regime....those "Re-Education Camps" will house you and me !

Under a Trump Administration, I cannot see how those FEMA Camps, currently active with no inmates, scattered around the country, will not be used for terrorists and illegal alien drug smugglers and anything else we can imagine. Trump will not have much of a choice and will probably activate the FEMA Camps. I would !!

On top of that...we have a pending economic collapse that will happen overnight and most likely within days of the Trump Administration. According to reputable analysts, the ruse for the bubble to burst will be a Friday announcement that all or most bank computer systems have been compromised and all withdrawals will be cancelled, but with a promise of Monday as a normal day again, but Monday comes and nobody can access their money, or EBT food stamps. 

Folks....we will ONLY have approximately 72 hours to get relocated as Martial Law will initiate in most major cities to quell the civil unrest and mass shootings of cops and Whites.

This chaos will be encouraged by the globalists, as it is continuing to happen now, but we just might see a military coup of the administration (according to analysts) to re-take power for the (communists).

Trump will have to be very decisive and act with extreme influence......

It has been recommended that Trump recall most or all of the "Obama purged" generals and admirals immediately to counter the remaining pro-Obama military leaders.

Therefore...we are not out of the woods by any means, but the tables will be turned on what is currently a very corruptive government.

The Liberty Movement should see the upcoming events as OUR revolution against this communist regime that claims to be the people's government for building bridges instead of walls.

Pray for Trump's safety...because he will need it more than any other president since Kennedy.    

Trump's acceptance speech....

Crushing Debt Has Taken the Economy Hostage: “Going to Implode. It’s a Certainty”
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Crushing Debt Has Taken the Economy Hostage: “Going to Implode. It’s a Certainty”

Joshua Krause
July 22nd, 2016
The Daily Sheeple
Read by 7,949 people

It Looks Like the Global Debt Bomb Is Ready to Blow
by Joshua Krause

In recent years we’ve seen global debts soar to heights never before seen in human history. Before the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, public and private debts were already out of control, but when the governments of the world tried to keep the global economy together with all their might, they did so by going into debt, to the tune of over $200 trillion. And that’s just what the numbers looked like the last time anyone checked back in 2014. Who knows how much debt the world is in now.

And that $200 trillion, by the way, amounts to around 300% of the world’s GDP, and it’s still growing. Obviously this isn’t sustainable. If you had a credit card debt worth three times as much as your yearly salary, and it continued to grow year after year, you’d be bankrupt in no time.
At some point, these debts are going implode the global economy. It’s a certainty. The only question that remains is when will this happen?
One of the signs that suggests this event is fast approaching, can be found in the way that governments are issuing their bonds, which are essentially debt contracts that can be bought by investors. Traditionally, a government or institution will sell bonds to an investor, with the promise that they will pay them a certain interest rate. After 10 or 20 years, the investor will get all of their money back in addition to the interest rate they’ve been accumulating. It’s basically a loan given to governments by investors.

But now governments are starting to issue bonds with negative interest rates. Imagine if a bank gave you a loan, but instead of having to pay an interest rate, the bank paid you. So after ten years a $100,000 loan may only cost you $99,000. Except in this case, you the bond buyer, are the bank.

Make sense? Of course not. You’d have to be crazy to make that deal. But that hasn’t stopped these negative interest yield bonds from becoming obscenely popular over the past couple of years.
Now it’s $13 trillion.

That’s the total amount of government bonds in the world that have negative yields, according to calculations published last week by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. 

Given that there were almost zero negative-yielding bonds just two years ago, the rise to $13 trillion is incredible.
In February 2015, the total amount of negative-yielding debt in the world was ‘only’ $3.6 trillion.
A year later in February 2016 it had nearly doubled to $7 trillion.

Now, just five months later, it has nearly doubled again to $13 trillion, up from $11.7 trillion just over two weeks ago.

Think about that: the total sum of negative-yielding debt in the world has increased in the last sixteen days alone by an amount that’s larger than the entire GDP of Russia.
Think about the implications of this. There are investors out there who are actually buying bonds that are guaranteed to lose money if they sit on them. They are basically donating money to governments, so they can continue to operate. Who in the hell would ever make that deal?
The truth is that for some investors, buying negative yield bonds makes sense, albeit for horrible reasons that do not bode well for the future of the global economy.

Joshua Krause is a writer for The Daily Sheeple, where this report was first published

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