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Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr
God's Word Christian Ministry
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Are You One
God’s Beacons
Each of us can and must make a difference in the lives of those in need of God’s salvation. No matter what the circumstance might be, whether dark or just casual, it is our Christian duty to make a difference in the world in which we live.
Matthew 5:  14You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.
You might be the strong, or only, Christian in your family or even in your workplace, neighborhood, and classroom or, in any place you might find yourself. The beliefs you hold are of truth, God’s love, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The question is, are you showing your Christianity or are you flaunting it? 
Although I am a Pastor I do not run around like a religious zealot screaming, ‘Repent you sinners,’ at the top of my lungs. That is not what God leads me to do and I don’t present the Christian Good News that way. I do wear a small cross hanging by a chain from my neck. I don’t point to it but I do make it visible in a subtle way. When asked, “Why do you wear that cross,” I have several replies. One is, “I am Christian and am always available to pray with or for the needs of another.”
Another answer I give, and each answer is given according to the circumstance you are presented with, is, “I am a Christian Pastor and am available to any that might want to talk about God’s Good News.”  Yet another answer I give is, “I am a Christian, would you want to talk about your needs of having God in your life?”
Each time my reply begins with, “I am a Christian.” Many Christians might not know why I lead off with this line so I’ll share some thoughts with you.
Many people wear a cross, often large and almost garish, simply as jewelry. They have no real reason for wearing it. To them it just looks pretty and they see it on others. Then there are religious sects, such as Christian Scientists, that wear a close in appearance symbol that they have adopted from Christianity. I wear mine as a reminder of my Christianity and for others to get an answer to their question should they ask.
Our Lord is 'on the hunt.'He is seeking men that will represent Him in a Christian manner. This was within the Words of 2 Chronicles 16:9.
I now set forth this Scripture that tells more of what God seeks in the hearts of His followers.
Ezekiel 22:30 "I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.   
God looked for a man to show righteousness and found none. He sought a man that was true to Him, true to His Word and had God is his heart and in his mind. In this, He found none at that moment in time! That is saddening to learn.
A question arises. Before you answer that question, realize that He is looking at this very moment!
What will God find as His eyes pass over you? Will you be the one He can rely upon to speak His Word with an open and honest heart that will not embellish His Word with words of your own; words that will be like “whitewash, used to repair a cracked wall?” Will he find a true Christian or someone that uses the word Christian as a means of gulling people into a false sense of security?
If you will be the man God seeks, then you must have the strong faith that Moses displayed after God chose him as a leader. He strengthened Moses by blessing Moses path. If you will consider Moses as a man that prevented two-and –a-half million people from turning their backs on God to idolatry then you must gain insight as to the faith God bestowed upon him..  If you are to be God’s true servant, you must be as Moses.
To be a man such as Moses you must not be a pretender and you cannot use your imaginations to further God’s Word. These types abound. You can see ‘phony Evangelists,’ men that claim to know the way to God but are only looking for one thing. That ‘thing’ is the riches of this world. You also see phony politicians as they promise any and everything in their lust for power. Not all name themselves as the ‘savior,’ but some do!
Do not fall for the tales of ‘How I will heal you,’ or, ‘How I will give you everything you need.’ You must not be someone that seeks to do anything except God’s Mighty Will. There is but one Provider, one Savior and that is God, Yahweh, Jehovah, and He is not looking for hustlers but for righteousness! He is seeking a man that will follow His path and lead others to His Kingdom.
If you recall, Moses had a speech impediment that did not allow him to be a good public speaker.
Exodus 4:10 Moses said to the LORD, "O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue."
God listens to men and He will provide that which is needed. If you trust in Him, no need will remain unmet. Moses received just such help.
In our lifetime we have been very fortunate to witness man that had the faith of Moses. , In particular, I will name Billy Graham as well as Greg Laurie... With no hesitation and with an eager hearts each set about doing God’s business. Their revival meetings have been numerous and their sermons heartfelt. I saw many and was amazed by their presence but was even more impressed by their obvious love of God. To describe each of them is to say, “I have seen a man of God.”
While you, or even I, may not be of the stature of a man such as Billy Graham or Greg Laurie, we must be of the same strength in our faith. Each of us must have the faith and conviction possessed by Billy Graham and Greg Laurie and therefore the strength and faith of Moses.
To the Christian women I say, I do not mean to infer that any of you cannot be possessed of God’s strength and obey him as pointed out. Throughout our Bible there are women who led and were renowned for their faith in God. To you I say, “Be willing to obey the Lord and if He calls, you answer! Just as any man, God has a plan for you.”
(Closing prayer)  
Almighty God, God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and of our forefathers, we praise You in our hearts and in our minds. You are our God, there is no other. Please accept our praise and know that You are worshiped by each one of us. All glory is Yours O Lord, we bow before thee.
Lord, You have made known Your desire to find men and women of faith. Father, search our hearts and touch our spirits and strengthen any that have need of the touch of Your Mighty Hand. Instill Your Words in us and let us be Your emissaries to spread Your Good News and allow us to sow the seed of Your power and greatness. It is Your Kingdom we seek to promote and not any of man’s imaginations.
Lord, we trust in You and ask that You find us worthy. Be with us and guide our paths.
As we mention our military, elected officials, judges, police officers, security personnel, we add a plea that You watch over any man or woman that needs to hear of You and Your mighty powers. Lord, lead us to them or as You would have it, them to us. Allow our words to be those that You want said and send Your Holy Spirit to assist us. Strengthen Your servants throughout the world and protect those in need of Your Mighty Strength. Be with them and see to their needs.
In Jesus Name we pray, who is One with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever,
Amen, amen and amen.

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