Saturday, July 16, 2016


Submitted by: P McMillan

Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal - YouTube
Importance: High

Dear Patriots:

The time has come to stop and think about the manipulation of the American people by the national media and the continual lies and outright criminal corruption of Hillary Clinton and her campaign and foundation officials.

When you and your friends consider for whom you will vote for the President of the United States, please think about what legacy you will want for your children and grandchildren.   It has been suggested that the American voters have a choice between two evils.  I disagree.

While Donald Trump is notorious for speaking what is on his mind and not what is “politically correct or prudent, many of us find this refreshing in a person running for high public office.  He is showing the American public how the Washington political machinery in both political parties are corrupting our democratic principles.   His philanthropic actions and activities in helping those in need are outstanding.  Now, while funding his own campaign to date, Donald Trump needs our financial help to be able to match the dirty money of the Clinton campaign.   

Hillary Clinton, a known pathological liar with an evil and corrupt mind uses slick speeches, misleading political ads and pay-offs to media reporters and officials, will do or say anything to get elected.  Both she and Bill Clinton should be prosecuted for past and current public corruption. 

What is at stake in this election is more than the corruptive practices of the Clintons, but the presidential recommendations to fill Supreme Court vacancies. A left-liberal court will tear the U.S. Constitution asunder.           

Possibly the most corrupt politician in the history of this country.

Please seriously consider forwarding this message and video to everyone you know on your e-mail list.

Paul J. Marino, Editor
Expose:  The Public Corruptors, Inc.

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