Friday, July 15, 2016


Pentagon Approves U.N. Use Of Force Against American Civilians

Issa Pegs Lynch on Speaking Half Truths in Testimony, Yet No Indication of Punitive Measures Forthcoming
When the Devil Becomes the Blind Reprobate Man’s Standard!
HFC Moves to Get Impeachment Resolution Against Koskinen - Brace for More Entertainment Politics
What is the FBI Hiding About Hillary Clinton?
Extended Blackouts: Power Grid Completely Vulnerable to Sabotage: “America Could Go Dark”
Old Dark…Deep Church…Grand Old Predator (Part 3)
Who is Ed Mezvinsky and Why is He So Important to the Clinton Crime Family?
What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Terrorist Attack That Just Happened In France In Which Thirty People Were Massacred
LIVE STREAM: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGES: Carnage In France – Streets Littered With Bodies – Fire At Eiffel Tower – Terrorists Suspected
Bullying Black Lives Matter blame Innocents
The Lying Left
Obama "Alinsky" Pits Blacks against Cops
Snipers and The Overthrow of Rights Are Nothing New
Muslim Man Sets Girl’s Hair On Fire In Subway Because She Was Not Wearing A Burka
Obamacare Premiums Rising. Republicans Call for Measures to Control It While Ignoring Continued Unconstitutionality
French Mayor Says ‘No More Muslims’, Orders The Destruction Of The Infamous Calais Camps And Expulsion Of Over Seven Thousand Muslims
War Is Coming And The Global Financial Situation Is A Lot Worse Than You May Think

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