Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Is FBI Director James Comey Connected to the Clinton Foundation?

DNC Staffer in Charge of Voter Expansion Data Murdered in Capital
Hillary’s Legal Team Moves to Block Deposition (Video)
Leftist Lie: Islam's Sharia Law
Trump Releases Major Plan To Transform ‘Corrupt’ VA
Sharia: Illinois To Create Official State Government Muslim Council
WATCH: Hidden Cam Shows Anti-Gun Congressman and Staffers Refusing To Promote Homes As “Gun Free Zones”
Report: Illegal Immigrants Get More Food Stamp Benefits Than Poor American Citizens: “$2 Billion A Year”
New State Law Will Establish a Permanent Muslim Advisory Council
The Constitution’s 3/5 Clause Agrees, Black Lives Matter!
The IRS Wants A Piece Of Your Gold And Silver Profits: Here’s What You Need To Tell Them… And What You Don’t
New Docs Claim Paterno Knew About Sandusky Molestation In The SEVENTIES
Milwaukee County Sheriff Says “War Has Been Declared” on Police in America [VIDEO]
Thousands of Syrians and Egyptians Are Pleading for Bibles. Will You Help Them?
Obama Sent Taxpayer’s Money to Oust Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu
Another Oregon Occupier Pleads Guilty to Charges
Ten More States Join the Fight Against Obama’s Bathroom Tyranny
Black Lives Matter Attorney Calls for Dismantling of Police

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