Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Hillary in a Race Against Time to Keep Bill's Having AIDS a Secret

Six Facts That Disprove Everything Liberals Say About Gun Control

Aerosol Spraying Conspiracy Theory Confirmed by Obama CIA Director at CFR
Independence Week: An Homage To The Preachers
Hussein Soetoro Backing Clinton AR Use and PSY-OP on the Public
Big Brother of Smarter Planet, Smarter Cities
Cruz Contends FBI Recommendation for Hillary Threatens Rule of Law
America Has Become A Lawless Nation – Hillary Clinton Magically Cleared By The FBI
The West is for Sale
Another Action Movie Star Speaks Out Against Gun Ownership
Elite Prepping Private Compounds As Tech Takes Over: “Facebook Could Throw An Election… It’s Scary”
Robert Spencer: Muslims Wouldn’t Bomb Muhammad’s City, Would They? Sure They Would
What’s Starting Now Will Overturn the Entire System: “Complete Collapse of Everything”
Bizarre ‘Portal-Shaped Clouds’ Form Over CERN During The ‘Awake Experiment’
4th of July Zombies “Can’t Say How Many Stars on the Flag”
Will Hillary Clinton be Indicted or Will the Media Protect Her?
Must Watch Video: The Collective Suicide of Europe via “Islamic Refugees”
Illegal Immigrant Who Slaughtered Three People in Oregon Had Been Deported Six Times

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