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From: Chris Kitze...
bob, the web site is a hoax site. The story about Guccifer being found dead isn't true. 
From: Rob E...BREAKING: Romanian hacker with access to Clinton emails found dead in jail cell 

From: DON HANK...
It is definitely fake. I just found the original site and it was written by the famous hoaxster Sorcha Faal.

BJ3: This may sound Machiavellian, but what if she was NOT charged because it’s “known” that Trump can beat her.  If instead, she’s charged, removed and replaced, even “Uncle Joe” might do better (and pardon her anyway).

BJ3: Here’s another from charlite: Just rec'd an email from one of our most astute observers of 'the passing scene.'  He proposed something that occurred to me as I pondered this stunning betrayal by the 'squeaky clean, above reproach' James Comey. Our email friend suggested that Comey still has the 'Clinton Global Initiative' a.k.a. Clinton Foundation - under investigation. What if Comey is playing a game that will turn out to be devastating for this Clinton machine - and what if he comes out in mid-September to announce that criminal charges under RICO statutes are being 'highly recommended' against the racket that these gangsters have been running for 15 years? What if Comey willfully bent to the Clinton machine this time, but already has sufficient multiple violations of criminal activity on the Clintons and all associates of the 'Foundation' [self-enriching cash machine and global center of mass market BRIBERY] - and will unleash his findings at a time when the DNC cannot reorganize or recover? What if THAT's how Comey is playing this game. 'Ok. I'll give you a pass now...........but I'll then do what's right, what the law demands..............come September.'  -

BJ3: Just one question: But don’t the Repukeicans have control of BOTH houses of Congress?
From: Devvy...As I said in my last column: American lives mean nothing to the sewage in the Senate who voted against these bills:  Senate Dems block votes on immigration issues, including sanctuary cities

From: Devvy...The primary for Paul Ryan's district is August 9th. Help him defeat Ryan and get out the vote August 9th in that district if you live in Wisconsin, 1st District...
Patriot Paul Nehlen Challenges Big Government Globalist Paul Ryan

From: sherzieve...
Ryan wants Totalitarianism with globalists in charge.  He wants Hillary as POTUS and actually believes he can defeat her in 4 years.  Ryan does NOT want Trump to fix anything in this country...From: "cam39470".....
Congressman Ryan just Isn't Reliable".   ..Ryan's comments came a day after Trump defended the tweet, saying he had not meant the six-pointed star to refer to the Star of David, which is a symbol of Judaism. Rather, he said, the star could have referred to a sheriff's badge, which is shaped similarly except for small circles at the ends of each of its six points, or a "plain star."    Republican leaders were criticized in the U.S. media for not speaking out forcefully against the image attacking Clinton, which appeared over the U.S. Independence Day holiday weekend.  "If I had to stop everything and comment to a ridiculous tweet sent out by this (Trump) campaign, I'd have no time for anything else," said Ryan, who supports Trump but has repeatedly spoken out against Trump's rhetoric, including his criticism of a Mexican-Amerian judge. "My understanding is, this was done by staff not by he himself," Ryan said. "But more importantly, they've got clean this thing up."Trump is due to meet with House and Senate Republicans in Washington on Thursday. Ryan did not say whether the tweet was likely to come up.."
BJ3: Traitorous ignoramus...From: Jenny...Ryan goes on offense -- against Trump!
Ryan rebukes Trump for ‘anti-Semitic images’

From: Dave Hollenbeck
   Obama DOJ Prosecuted More Gov. Officials For Leaking Classified Info Than Past Admins Combined

From: Jenny...FLASHBACK: Decorated Marine Was Harshly Punished For Less Than What Hillary Did

From: sherzieve...Oh great...another committee investigation which will go nowhere but, will make the feckless GOP members look like they're doing something...From: "doug walk" (Let the American people "indict by vote" in November !! Get "FIRED" up for November, show this arrogant bimbo what you think "with your vote")
FBI Director Thought He'd Drop Hillary Charges

From: audree lynn 
From: John...
New Ad...The American people will be the judge in November
Proving the “Clinton” Double-Standard- Five Americans Obama Jailed For Mishandling Classified Information

From: Rob E...Report: Gang of Eight Members Eye Amnesty Return in 2017
BJ3: But of course, the opposite is.  From: Rob E
Punching a White Woman After Yelling 'I Hate White People' Not a Hate Crime, Judge Rules
From: sherzieve...
To all who use Gmail and/or know those who do.  IMPORTANT!
From: "CFP Office"  Sent: Wednesday, July 6, 2016 5:43am  To: "Bussiness Cfp"
To All Canada Free Press columnists: July 6...With all of the tricks from social media to keep conservative voices like yours from being heard, it is imperative that you take the time to reach out to all your gmail contacts urging them to disable their tabs so that their emails are not going to spam as arranged by Google.  My article explains how to get around this:  Best,Judi
RUSH:  Okay, some campaign news: Hillary Clinton desperately trying to change the subject is out attacking Donald Trump and his business practices in Atlantic City, claiming -- by the way, get the word she's using -- Trump "rigged" his Atlantic City business so he got paid no matter what. Anybody in the Trump campaign out there, please, do not spend much time on this.  Do not let go of the message.  Hillary lying, emails, unqualified, contemptible.  Don't get sucked into this business of defending your business practices.  Stay on message.  It's all I can do, folks.  It's all I can do.

From: Jenny...
The Truth: Obama’s Net Gain in Jobs Is a Negative 14 Million

From: Jenny...CA May Dump Daylight Savings Time; Criminals Rejoice

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