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 Sessions: Trump’s Next Moves On TPP, Illegals

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Sen Sessions- Clinton Corruption Trump Focus America First

Senator Sessions disputes the claims of the Clinton propagandists that somehow and Inspector General that was appointed by the current Democrat occupant of the White House and who works in a State Department that is headed by a lifelong liberal Democrat, John Kerry, issued a report that was politically motivated against the Democrat candidate.
Sessions says, “It’s facts and it’s very troubling facts, including both her criminal violations as well as the refusal to cooperate by Clinton and her aides with the investigation. He describes her misbehavior in that regard as being “A real direct contradiction to what she’s been telling the American people for many weeks now. He also mentions the FBI criminal investigation which is ongoing in addition to the State Department internal review.
Sessions says, “She’s following the same old Clinton policies of the 1990s in which they just obstruct and refuse to cooperate with investigations, claim they are cooperating when they’re not and that kind of lack of integrity has got to put a cloud over her effort to be president of the United States.”
They also focus on the areas of immigration and trade and how Donald Trump has been an advocate of pro-American policies in both areas for decades. Sessions describes Hillary Clinton’s extreme position on immigration, that nobody who enters our nation illegally should be deported unless they commit some sort of violent crime. Trump supports both trade and immigration but they must be conducted in a manner which serves the interests of the American people.
Sessions addresses the TPP and the similar European version the TTIP as well as the need for Paul Ryan to stop behaving as if he is the second coming of Hussein Obama in both areas as well as in his support for the Republican nominee.
He sends a message to the Speaker, a servant of the globalists who crafted the anti-American TPP, saying, “The American people have voted on that, they’ve spoken, Donald Trump has won and he is crystal clear on this issue. We’re not going to have any trade agreements unless it protects the American interest.
He closes with a reassurance that the campaign will absolutely be able to get their message out and that they will be moving forward with it.
He also artfully dodges the question of whether or not he would like to have the Vice President position, though clearly he’s receptive to the idea.
Laura  J Alcorn
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