Sunday, June 12, 2016


Submitted by: Sharon T

Obama Seeks Surge in Syrian Immigrants

The Obama administration has created a “resettlement surge center” which has produced a pouring of 100 Syrian refugees in the U.S. per day. The very real risk to Americans – the lack of proper vetting of these individuals by the quick processing that is being done, almost all of them reported to be Muslims.

Over 100 Syrian refugees have been admitted every day in June according to the federal government’s own database from the Refugee Processing Center. More than 1,000 were admitted in May. The rate of those admitted has sky-rocketed when compared to the 3,755 accepted in fiscal year 2016

[islamist obama is stepping up his war on America.]

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  1. David Bertrand COMMENTS: (in part) He ALSO instructed the "Refugee Processing Center" in Turkey to reduce the time it takes to do the so-called background check, which is what the refugee enters on the application and nothing more. (See Breitbart Article below)

    While congress questions Obama's actions and authority, hundreds of military age males are entering the U.S. on a daily basis.

    Barack Hussein Obama is an agent of Saudi Arabia (I am convinced) and you will also discover that it was Saudi Arabia that paid Harvard University $20 million dollars to overlook Obama's VERY questionable education / history in-order to give him a certificate of graduation. We can assume, Saudi Arabia has kept a watchful eye on him ever since.

    Obama is a fraud and maybe it's too late, but HE is doing what his handlers have prepped him for over the years.....