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Submitted by: David Bertrand

Hillary's Plan for Muslim and Gay Extermination

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The stupid factor is gaining strength among the far left socialist / communist pundits in support of Hillary's psychological warfare on this country. The lies being spewed by notable people like "The View's" Joy Behar are way over the top.

The despicable statements to make Donald Trump look terribly un-American are guiding the latest polls.....

Hillary's supporters are ignorant sheeple that have no clue as to what Obama and Hillary have planned for them. Using Muslims as a weapon against ALL Americans, for the take-down of America in-order to re-write the Constitution while disarming ALL Americans, is obvious to ALL those that study both sides of the cabal's plans for a New World Order.

It's a fact that moderate Muslims (non-radical) agree with the Koran that all homosexuals must be imprisoned and/or exterminated. This is preached in America at all Mosques, but Hillary would make you think that she loves all gays, Muslims, and illegal aliens / Reconquista La Raza / MEChA, including radical "Black Lives Matter."

She doesn't, but wants them to think so because they are her voting base, but the objective is to pit each group against Conservatives/Christians, and then later against each other. Against each other just happens to be taking place with Gays waking-up to the scheme and actively stating their support for Donald Trump.

It's a fact that Obama (and Hillary) submit themselves to the Saudi's and both continue to back ISIS while increasing the refugee program for Muslims. His own staff agree that incoming refugees have a small percentage of likely Islamic terrorists and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has openly allowed a document to be released to Judicial Watch that shows the support for ISIS by this administration. Mainstream media and certain former CIA and NSA heads continue to lie about shipping weapons to ISIS.

Trump's statement alone that he will "eliminate ISIS completely" has infuriated the Saudi's, including the Council of Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commission / Republican NeoCons and Zionists. Again....ISIS is the weapon by the West and America is next on the list.

If America is ever (taken back) from these traitors that hijacked the people's government, they will hang....

So...again! Most every Muslim hates gays, and Obama is stepping-up the refugee program, and when there is a massive shooting by a Muslim, radicalized by ISIS or by his Mosque, the mainstream media and talk shows are instructed to re-direct the truth as a racist statement by Trump and to blame all gun owners for the "hate crime." Therefore....step-up the "No Fly List" to a "No Fly No Buy List" with absolutely No Due Process, or how or why you were put on that list by some bureaucrat, and watch how fast that communist created list grows.

The America we once knew is collapsing within, ultimately stripping all Americans of their civil rights while restricting everyone from leaving the country.....a Soviet style regime in our backyard. 

This is their divide and conquer plan for the take-down of America. The people will blame each other, civil unrest will grow, and it's Trump's fault...not Hillary's fault, of whom is setting the stage for Civil War II along with Obama's support.  

Check-out (below) THE VIEW video of B.S.  

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The View’s Joy Behar: Donald Trump is “Working With ISIS to Kill Us”

"He's the recruiter in chief"

Paul Joseph Watson - June 17, 2016

The View’s Joy Behar had a nuanced and cogent analysis of the Colorado gay nightclub massacre, commenting that Donald Trump is “working with ISIS to kill us.”
Criticizing the presumptive Republican candidate for drawing attention to Islamic terrorism in the aftermath of the shooting, Behar and Whoopi Goldberg immediately went off on a tangent about the Obama “birther” controversy.

Another guest then claims that there are “no ties between the shooter and ISIS at all.” In reality, Omar Mateen called cops during the massacre to swear allegiance to ISIS. He also pledged allegiance to ISIS on Facebook. The Islamic State also claimed responsibility for the attack.

“The thing about Trump though, he’s the recruiter in chief,” states Behar.

“He is basically working with ISIS to kill us. They are working together. Just remember what I’m saying,” asserts Behar, going on to label Trump “a dangerous menace to the country.”

Another guest then complains about the fact that the first thing people noticed about the shooter was that he is Muslim (off camera Behar comments that this is racist despite Islam not being a race).

She also claims that since Trump announced his candidacy she has been treated as a “non-American” because of her brown skin (while failing to provide a single example of such discrimination).

So let’s go through the checklist as it pertains to Pulse gunman Omar Mateen;
– Devout Muslim
– Registered Democrat
– Motivated by a hateful ideology defended & supported by the left.
Yep, must be Trump’s fault!

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