Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Obama Usurps Congressional Authority - Signs Executive Order Banning Sale Of “Assault Weapons”

Obama Admin Claims to be able to Protect You, But Just Lost Orlando Shooter’s Wife
UK Sniper Takes out Islamic State Suicide Bomber with Incredible Head Shot from over Half a Mile Away – Saves Hundreds
If You Thought Pamela Geller Ticked Off Muslims with the Truth in the US, Look what She’s Doing in London!
ISIS Ties Man To A Cross And Stabs Him Through The Heart In Ritual Human Sacrifice To Allah Just Like The Aztecs Did In Mexico
The Big One? Large-Scale Motion Detected at San Andreas Fault: “The Build-up Is Causing Movement”
The Obama Administration Scrubs ISLAM Out of the Orlando Terrorist Attack
Hamas-Tied CAIR’s ‘Islamophobia’ Jihad
Taliban Attacks Are Still on the Rise in Afghanistan
Building Lifeboats Of Christian Culture As The American Titanic Sinks Beneath Our Feet (Part 1)
This 23-Year-Old Woman Fought Against ISIS — and SURVIVED! [VIDEO]
Venezuela Will Turn Violent If Maduro Blocks Recall: “Bomb That Could Explode At Any Moment”
“Hillary for Prison” – Message Boards Targeted by Hackers
Marine's Epic Response to Conservatives who Support Gun Control
Clinton Or Trump? Which Is Better For The United States?
Words May Wound but Islamists Will Kill
New Weapons to Fight "Online Extremists" Rolled Out by DARPA - Guess Who They Will Target?
Why Did Orlando Happen? A Massive Intel Failure

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