Monday, June 13, 2016


ACLU Blames “Christian Right” for Orlando Muslim’s Mass Murder

Did the Ramadan Shooting in Orlando really have anything to do with Islam?
Fukushima Coverup: Accident was worse than Americans Know
Fascism: Embraced by Both Parties
Update: Shooter’s Father Says This Was Not About Religion… Orlando Nightclub In Gun Free Zone… Pledged His Allegiance to ISIS on 911 Call
Another Shooting, the Left's Belief in Evolution, and the Manual on Psychopolitics
10 Minutes of Hillary Clinton Lying to Democrats (Video)
OKLAHOMA: Muslim Wannabe Terrorist Arrested For Threatening “Mass Bloodshed” At Two Shopping Malls
Texas County Caves to Atheists Who Demand They Remove This From Their Sheriff’s Vehicles
Full Obama Speech: Hints At Gun Control: “This Could Have Been Any One Of Our Communities”
Why Brexit Scares DC To Death (And Why That’s a Beautiful Thing)
Indecent Exposure: The ‘Gender Identity’ Agenda
The Long Game of Cultural Change and the Second Amendment
Watch This 43-Minute Documentary Explain How Central Bankers Are Behind All Wars [VIDEO]
Al Qaeda Bomb Threat at Walmart, Store Evacuated
How One Inevitable (And Fast-Approaching) Tech Will Radically Change Our World
Western Society Will Not Stop Committing Suicide Until Its People Stop Embracing Homosexual Perversity
Quid Pro Quo Bombshell: Clinton Foundation Donor Appointed to Sensitive Intelligence Board

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