Sunday, June 26, 2016


BJ3: Yep, we’d say absolutely treason...legitimately punishable by any American party member/officials... From: Jenny...From: sherzieve...
Folks, this is such BLATANT TREASON that even Paul Ryan should suggest Obama's arrest!...From: "cam39470"..... Mentally Unbalanced Obama Encourages immigrants to betray America just like he does/did...
From: Dave Bertrand...What Really Controls Obama and the Islamic Cover-up in America?
From: sherzieve.....
He's sure gonna' try!...From: "John Rolls"...Is BO Going to Create Crisis to Suspend Nov Election?

BJ3: And let’s not forget that he ignored every request for him to release his own, at birth, original, sealed and vaulted birth we all know NOTHING about his (alleged) birth particulars.
Discovered From Obama’s Father… Look What He Wrote About Obama’s Birth
From: Chuckolb...A Few Thoughts On A Irritating Cuss Named Paul Ryan - Attacking Trump Lou Dobbs' Commentary (4:08)      Published on Jun 17, 2016 - Wake Up America
Dobbs: The Question Now Is Why Are The Republicans Letting Him Destroy His (Ryan) Own Party?

BJ3:  Yep...Absolutely out of the more bs about these garbage rinos ...They are fighting for their very existence and WE ALL KNOW IT.   From: sherzieve.....No surprise, here...From: "doug walk"...(RINO [one-world] cockroaches coming out of the woodwork into a spotlight where we can identify them).
Republican ex-Treasury chief Paulson slams Trump, to vote for Clinton - One America News Network
From: Rob E...Cecilia "Ceci" Velasquez, Arizona Lawmaker, Indicted on Felony Charges of Food-Stamp Fraud | Phoenix New Times

From: Jenny...Brexit Comes to America: Ryan Challenger Mounts Immigration Billboard...
From: Jenny...Brexit: Dawn of a Populist Uprising...How the political class plans to sabotage the vote.....
From: Sher Zieve...Worlwide censorship grows at an ever more alarming rate each day...From: Dave Hollenbeck
Sharyl Attkisson: Brexit Support Was ‘Largely Censored from the Mainstream Media’
Brexit could bury EU in mountain of debt...Diminishes Obama's hope of Atlantic, Pacific trade deals!
From: sherzieve...
Pray Trump wins in November and takes over and makes the White House again ours!..From: "Orly Taitz" Brits defeat the black plague of the Globalist organized crime; other nations, including the US, are expected to free from the shackles of Globalism as well
From: Anita Hynds..... BIKERS FOR TRUMP....
I just created a group "BIKERS FOR TRUMP". It is time for us to show who we are and what we want. We are a united City, County and Country. It is time to protect AMERICA. If you are a BIKER and want to participate at the 4th of July PARADE at Huntington Beach. Subscribe to BIKERS FOR TRUMP AT Facebook. We want at least 300 to 400. We will tell you where to get together and the time.  Anita Hynds

From: Dave Hollenbeck...Black Woman Wears Trump Hat Into Coffee Shop – Destroys Everyone In Debate (VIDEO)
From: Sher Zieve   From: RUSH...The Old Rules Don't Apply to Trump ...June 24, 2016
From: sherzieve 
From: "doug walk"...
Our refugee families need protection, not jail.”
(Obama criminal cartel members need to learn the difference between "REFUGEE" and "ILLEGAL TRESSPASSERS") (Illegals don't like the current "free" accommodations, it's not up to their standards)
Immigration officials consider bid for new 'hotel-like' detention center
Bj3: Running this again...From: Kirk MacKenzie...[CitizensNewswire] FBI can collect home IP addresses without warrant when probing websites – court  

From: Sher Zieve.....
The Obama Legacy strikes again? From: Dave Hollenbeck
Confirmed: Orlando Cops Told to Stand Down — Not to Pursue Shooter for “15-20 Minutes”

From: sherzieve...
Now censorship is out in the open and the rulers now feel comfortable telling us about it.  This is the most danger we've been in since the beginning of our country...and probably worse...From: "John Rolls"...From: Dan Friedman [I hope this is as close to official censorship that our country will ever reach. But if we keep moving in the same direction for another four or eight years we can kiss the First Amendment goodbye and welcome in a new repressive regime to take its place. df]...
BHO: Protecting Islam, Not America
From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"
Hawaii will now find out how many people are stupid enough to abide by this ridiculous law and how many will "NOT" !!!
[another "desperate" Obama bid to subjugate the American people]
Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to place gun owners on FBI database - One America News Network
From: Jenny...Dog dies saving Florida owner from alligator...

From: Rob E    Boozy chimps use own tools to obtain alcohol from trees...

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