Friday, June 24, 2016


BJ3: Brexit Wins!...YES!...We can only envision that Soros bet the majority of his fortune on “remain” to make a “big monetary killing” so as to have more money to use against Trump and “us”. A major reason for the “Leave” win......MIGRANTS!  Now, even France wants a referendum. And if “Leave” wins there, that will leave Murky Merkel holding the bag, as Great Britain and France boot out their “migrants” to Germany. Let’s see Germany and its people sustain that and the remnants of the EU then. Italy should do the same....and fast...before France does.  PS..,After the vote, an “official” said that the vote would have been even higher to “Leave” had the “remain” forces not lied, misrepresented, used scare tactics.
From: blueislandbobsue.....Earthquake: Brits Vote to Leave EU...The election result was called by the BBC and other news outlets before a nation bitterly divided between those who believe their prosperity and security lie in European cooperation and those who say Britain needs to regain control over its destiny and its borders. Turnout.....

BJ3: Of course, Sher is right.  A price they would not pay had they not joined in the first place. Still, they recoup it in no time as now they can make their own decisions....From: sherzieve.....
Price paid for taking back its sovereignty? 
Brexit Would Hit UK Econ Much Harder Than Its Promoters Expect: “Potential Dismemberment of the UK” 

BJ3: Yessiree, Senator it should be...and as we’ve long regular readers know.

BJ3: And, of course, BHO spins it to “The Supreme Court could not decide” instead of “We didn’t twist enough arms to win”.
Anyway, Sher predicts he still won’t stop. From: Rob E  BREAKING: Supreme Court Splits On Immigration, Voiding Obama...

From: Jo Wideman CAPS Executive Director.....Amnesty Push Ruled IllegalThe case was a real nail-biter. So much was at stake, and it came down to a 4-4 decision. Thankfully the forces of reason prevailed and the country made a statement that our immigration laws cannot, at least blatantly, be violated! Today’s judgement upholds the existing block on President Obama's illegal actions.   CAPS is ecstatic to share this news. Not that it needs to even be said, but, there is still plenty of work to be done before we even come close to regaining control over our immigration system and eventually stabilizing our population. Nevertheless, this is a distinct victory!
With energized determination,  Jo.  (no link)
BJ3: Just half going to Trump would do...From: Sher Zieve    From: "freedomusa

BJ3: For the dumb-downed crowd...From: sherzieve  
From: "Technocracy News"

BJ3: Ah yes...the “attractive Latina” with nothing upstairs...From: Sher Zieve....As do so many totalitarian individuals, Sotomayor wants to exclude the law when it doesn't agree with "the cause."   From: Dave Hollenbeck...(ELECT HILLARY--and there will many more Sotomayors )
Sotomayor’s Ferguson Essay She ignores the law and issues a political polemic in dissent...
From: Sher Zieve   From: John Rolls.....Orlando Shooting Hoax - Ambulances? What Ambulances? Orlando Don't Have No Ambulances. | Alternative  
From: sherzieve From: "John Rolls"...Anatomy of the terror threat: Files show hundreds of US plots, refugee connection | Fox News
From: audree lynn...
Not surprised one bit. If they admitted the truth, then they'd have admit to their false narrative. This admin tell the truth? ~ name one in the last 71/2 years.   From:  John...
So ICE and the Ovomit administration LIED to Congress and Americans.  Anyone surprised? They knowingly and willingly are putting each one of us in jeopardy.  Just remember, Crankles wants even more admitted to our country. Had enough yet? 
Report: Released Criminal Aliens Committed Nearly 10X more crimes than Admin told Congress

From: Peri McMillan.....MUST read.  And this was from last year and it’s certainly gotten worse since then. wow.  she tells it like it is.  This woman's op-ed piece is made all the more credible by her own legacy:  Reality sinking in.
From: Sher Zieve...Tragic for a wonderful animal...From: Dave Hollenbeck
Border Rescue Dog Dies While Saving Illegal Aliens

From: Jenny...When good neigh-bors become good friends: The horse and cat who have a heart-warming bond

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